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Every foreign object implanted into our bodies produces a scar tissue capsule that walls off the implant. When the implant is removed, the scar tissue capsule is often resorbed, but a remnant of the scar tissue may remain, creating no problems
The appearance of your tummy is a result of your pregnancy, not the C-section. A tummy tuck is probably the best solution for you. Consult with a local plastic surgeon to discuss your options.
Specialized views of the face are required to determine if there is a fracture of the maxilla (so-called trimalar fracture) or a zygomatic arch fracture. I doubt that the chiropractors X-rays are sufficient or properly interpreted. If there is a fracture, it is not too late for care. I recommend a consultation with a plastic surgeon or otolaryngologist.
It is not possible to provide an acceptable answer to your questions about your open wound without an examination of the wound nd detailed information about the nature of the original procedure. Your surgeon is in the best position to determine your best treatment options.
It is possible to perform the reduction and remove the cyst at the same time, assuming the cyst can be readily identified and located and is within the protion of the breast that will be removed. This obviously needs to be discussed with your plastic surgeon.
Because the extra breast tissue is located in the armpit area, it is close to and directly involved with lymphatics (lymph nodes and lymph drainage ducts). Swelling is certainly not alarming at only one week, but also is expected. You should allow months to pass before passing judgement on the results of your procedure.
Breast lifts are uniformly performed with breast reductions. With a lift as the sole procedure, often just excess skin is removed without significant reduction of breast volume. With a reduction, both breast tissue and fat is removed along reshaping the breasts and elevation of nipple position. The decision as to which procedure to select depends on whethe...
It would not be possible to comment about the cause of your persistent discomfort without a full direct examination and complete evaluation of your records. I strongly doubt that the problem is related to your abdominoplasty performed two years ago. This condition needs further evaluation by a sophisticated primary care physician.
The reality is that there is no topical or external energy treatment sources that I am aware of (laser, external radiotherapy, etc.) that consistently tighten large areas of skin to achieve the elasticity of youth. Some external devices do improve to a limited degree skin tone using the right device for the right patient, but these need to be tried (experime...
This is a common problem for patients who have undergone massive weight loss and have coverage for reconstruction. The multiple procedures are costly for facility, anesthesia, and professional fee. The best I can suggest is for her to be seen at a university teaching facility, where help may be available.