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Specialties: UroGynecology, Pelvic Surgery

Interests: pelvic reconstructive surgery, vaginal mesh complications

USF College of Medicine
Female Pelvic Medicine/Reconstructive Surgery
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Can you say what procedure you had?was it abdominal or vaginal? Does your bowels and bladder work well? Dr. Hoyte
Yes. PT canhelp rehabilitate the pelvic floor muscles and this can help to keep the prolapsed vagina from falling out. It will not resuspend the vagina, but can remove the uncomfortable protruding vagina. Its noninvasive and usually will not cause you harm if performed by a qualified therapist. Dr. Hoyte
The Kegels will help hold the prolapse in, remember the relaxation part of the kegel exercise is as important as the contraction part. Also, if you have prolapse, and do not want surgery, consider also a pessary, which might be helpful if your anatomy will permit it. Dr. Hoyte
Go to our website www.usfurogyn.com - look under the tab - Medical information about urogynecology. in the middle of the page, there are some links to the organizations who can help you locate a qualified urogynecologist in your area. I hope this is helpful. Dr. Hoyte
Many women have had the eroding mesh safely removed without having to have a colostomy, and without developing a fistula. You should first locate a trained urogynecologist, who can examine you and help you determine the best option for removing the eroded mesh. You should ask how many mesh removals they have done, and what their complications were. You need ...
THe incontinence can sometimes recure if the sling is "snipped". For my patients, I remove the whole sling, and replace it wuth a sling made from your own tissue (Called an autologous fascial sling). That procedure takes longer to perform, but tends to fix the incontinence. It should only be performed by surgeons who are well trained to do it. I ho...
I am truly sorry to hear about your mom. This is devastating. PLease let me know some more details of your situation, and I will try to give you some helpful information, that you may find useful.
You need to be evaluated by a urogynecologist, who can help determine if removing the mesh will make your symptoms go away. I am happy to help you locate one if you wish.
Hi, I have heard this type of report about autoimmune flareups from several of my mesh erosion patients now. THe polypropelene mesh is supposed to be non-immunogenic, meaning that it is not supposed to generate an immune response. The animal and human based meshes theoretically could be immunogenic, but they are usually so highly processed that immune resp...
You might want to get evaluated by a trained urogynecologist to learn the cause of your symptoms. With a good diagnosis, they may be able to offer you a therapy to relieve your symptoms.