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Sep 07, 2012
"I wish, unfortunately I live in Texas but the Orthopedic Oncologist that I have is great. What ever type of something that I have doesn't show up on xrays??? I have been trying to find information about a bone tumor that does not show up..."
Sep 05, 2012
"Did you see your Scan? I ask this because I saw my scan and I looked up bone scans and there are two different types of results (clear background with the radioactive material showing up in black and a black background with the radioacti..."
Sep 05, 2012
"Hi, I have the results of a bone scan that was taken last week and the doctor stated that there was a "hot Spot" lit on the top part of my femur to the middle of my thigh. I originally went to this doctor because I had hip pain and th..."
Jul 25, 2012
"I have been on coumadin for 9 years and I have had my INR range anywhere from 1.7 to 15, and I have what the docs consider to be an unstable INR because of all of the other meds that I take. I test once per week at home and type my resul..."
Jul 17, 2012
"I understand where you are coming from, I need a hip replacement but the ortho doc says that I'm too young, I need foot surgery but the ped doc says he don't want to do surgery because I have congestive heart failure. I feel like I'm in ..."
Apr 28, 2012
"Today I saw a Heart Transplant / Heart Failure Specialist and she stated that I did not qualify for a heart transplant because I have a form of sickle cell with beta-thallasemia (blood disorders), shrunken kidneys (probably from my diabe..."
Apr 12, 2012
"Hi, Did your cardiologist do a 24 hour Holter Monitor? It's where you wear essentially an EKG for 24 hours :) That test would tell him and you what type of irregular heart rhythm you may have. If he didn't I would request one, because ..."
Apr 12, 2012
"Hi MikesterH, I wouldn't worry too much but I would take it a little easy on the exercise until you hear back from the cardiologist. I was about your age when I was diagnosed with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy (weak heart muscle) ..."
Jan 24, 2012
"Is that the correct name? when I researched that name it is an ingredient in energy drinks? Just asking cause I have been on almost all of the anti-arrythmics except for the new version of amiodarone (simply because I don't see paying mo..."
Dec 25, 2011
"I have a child that is 13 and since she was about 4 we thought she was a diabetic, my mom who is a nurse told me that I should have her tested and I did. The doctor did a regular fasting BG and it was 110 (high but still normal) she has ..."