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Sep 26, 2012
"I know the feeling, I am 27 i suffer from panic disorder and anxiety, i constantly stress, go thru crying spells and depression. I also find that i loose all rationality and flip out like a crazed maniac. I love the hell out of my boyfri..."
Sep 26, 2012
"I just want you to know there is nothing wrong with you in any way, shape or form! I wish there was a way i could console you, or even help you through this difficult time. It may take your parents years to accept or open up to the idea ..."
Sep 26, 2012
"being a nurse can be very stressful and demanding, i think it is very important to try to obtain a balanced life style and set aside time to do something relaxing. bottom line is, physical activity like a jog, walk, swim or gym time help..."
Sep 25, 2012
"i too have done research into this herbal supplement, chasteberry is a slow acting herb, it can take up to 3 cycles before you notice any changes. I have read that it is good for balancing hormones, depression, irritability, water retent..."
Sep 17, 2012
"st johns wart is a herbal supplement said to be used to balance moods over time, i'd ask a pharmacist before use. "
Apr 18, 2010
"thank you nickieb85, I appreciate your comment. It gives me hope for the future, my boy friend is 27 he says he wants to think about having a baby before he hits 30. Him and I will perhaps try to have one in a couple of years. The doctor..."
Apr 17, 2010
"I am 24, my last period was january 17, 2010 and I missed my period February, March and still haven't started and we're half way through April. I have been off ogestrel (birth control) for 3 and a half months, my boyfriend has been using..."
Apr 09, 2010
"i am having similar problems, i've had a doctor tell me to cut back on chicken and dairy that may have high hormone levels, i was also told not to drink caffeine..I've been off birth control for 3 months, and my laster period was 79 days..."
Jun 12, 2008
"I find it to amazing how many individuals in this world went through so much of the same thing as myself, close friend or distant relative. 11 years ago my uncle passed away of cancer - I was 11 years old then. My uncle Bill lived in Jer..."
Jun 12, 2008
"No you don't sound like an idiot, i think there is wisdom in everything a person has to say...with age comes wisdom, and experience. 'Nam sounds like a horrifying thing to go through, my father in law has PTSD from viet nam and he is dis..."