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Oct 09, 2011
"I had no bleeding or spotting. I had cramps the entire time I knew about the BFP, but had been told that was normal --- but I knew something wasn't right... "
Sep 29, 2011
"Turns out it's an ectopic pregnancy... Figures... Sigh..."
Sep 29, 2011
"Thank you :) Turns out it's an ectopic pregnancy... figures... We finally get pregnant and its in the wrong area..."
Sep 29, 2011
"Wishes to all the May parents.... Guess I was never meant to be pregnant or a mommy... "
Sep 29, 2011
"Okay I am starting this as I am a little worried (ok, ALOT worried) and would love anyones experiences here, good or bad! We recently did an ivf cycle and on 8/30, we transferred 3- 3day embryos'. Got our BFP on HPT 9/6 at 10dpo ..."
Sep 28, 2011
"betas: 12dpo: 18 16dpo: 69 19dpo: 132 27dpo: 676 30dpo: 880 :(( at 30dpo, we should be 6w1d.... had ultrasound done, and all they found was a tiny gestational sac measuring 3mm..... having another beta done at 33dpo, and anoth..."
Sep 23, 2011
"our story is a struggle with a happy ending: 1999: 4 IUI - BFN 2000: 5 IUI - BFN 2001-2006 ~ break for us! (and I went back to college and got my BS) 2007: 1 IVF - chemical pregnancy 2008: 1 IVF - BFN 1 IVF - chemica..."
Sep 22, 2011
"this is normal :) While some have a few symptoms, a few have practically none. We did a 3dt with our last ivf cycle. I had no symtoms until after day 30! And that was only cramping. I am currently 5w4d, and still the only sy..."
Sep 19, 2011
"to baby_hopes: the blue veins have started appearing! to mjbabylove: AF is Aunt Flow -- while no nausea to date, loss of appetite is another symptom... "
Sep 15, 2011
"It always feels like AF is about to show - those are my cramp experiences so far... off and on.... "