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Jan 21, 2013
"Can someone help me find a LLD somewhere in Indiana or Ohio. Indianapolis would be good or I could travel to Cincinnati. I live about 1 1/2 hours north of Indianapolis. I really need help! Thanks"
Aug 16, 2012
"What is wrong with me? My symtoms started about 8 months ago in neck and throat, sinuses. Then spine pain into my neck and head, with nerve pain. Things have progressed. I have stiff neck, very stiff muscles along with a buring sensati..."
Aug 07, 2012
"Ted, Did you ever find out what was wrong? I'm still feeling really bad. Ginger"
Jul 01, 2012
"How can you tell for sure if you have a spinal infection? I have some terrible symptoms and I feel like my nervous system and spine all the way into my head are being attacked. "
Jul 01, 2012
"Hi, Have you seen a Neurologist? I have and the Doctors still have not found anything. Don't let the Doctors tell you that it is in your head, if you haven't found a good Doctor, keep looking. I am still searching for a Doctor that w..."
Jun 26, 2012
"Thank you for your reply Lulu, I will bring Sjogrnes up the next time I get a chance. I am hoping to get referred to a Rheumatologist and I have another app. with a neurologist on Thursday. Thanks for your encouragement because all th..."
Jun 26, 2012
"Thanks for your reply, does Sjogren's have symptoms of muscle weakness, muscle burning, etc.? Thanks Ginger"
Jun 23, 2012
"Thank you for your thoughts, Ginger"
Jun 19, 2012
"Maybe this is possibly what I have, I have never heard of it. How do I learn about this?"
Jun 19, 2012
"The Doctors seem to think that most of my symptoms are in my head also, I can't seem to get referrals to specialists, I am so desperately in need of help. I hope that you hang in there and keep trying to get help. Someone eventually wi..."