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Nov 18, 2013
"Dear jordanx11, As for health insurance, under the new law, as of January 1st 2014, you cannot be denied due to pre-existing conditions; in addition to that you might qualify for Medical or at the least premium subsidy. I suggest ..."
Nov 18, 2013
"Dear frieselr, Do you recall signing a document as a new patient? Usually providers disclose their billing policy upfront and majority hold the patient responsible for anything the insurance company doesn’t cover. One possibility may ..."
Sep 19, 2013
"Dear MRI123, My understanding is that you can purchase a Qualified Health Plan on exchange regardless of whether you qualify for Medicaid or not; however you don’t qualify to receive tax credits, subsidy or premium re-imbursement on y..."
Aug 29, 2013
"Dear bevinbest, I am sure practicing in Singapore, you are already aware that Singapore citizens and permanent residents are entitled to subsidized healthcare services provided through government healthcare facilities. I know many Sin..."
Aug 29, 2013
"Dear JackieAtZane, I was unable to determine which state you will be residing in to provide you with more specific information. If you are in need of coverage between now and end of this year you can shop for private health insurance ..."
Aug 16, 2013
"Dear allisonharris, There is only 2 weeks to September 1st, and it seems like you will start receiving coverage through your spouse’s group sponsored plan. To the my knowledge, under the new law pregnancy is not a pre-existing con..."
Aug 16, 2013
"Dear wantinfo3035, I could not tell from your profile, what state you reside in; but until the end of this year (2013), in most states, insurers that offer individual private insurance plans are allowed to deny coverage based on pre-e..."
Jul 18, 2013
"Dear Lizzie1267, I am not sure if one would need a crystal ball to answer your question; before the new law (PPACA) in most states, insurers used individual’s health history to determine their insurability and premium; however as of J..."
Jun 04, 2013
"Dear Stan7a, Usually the pharmacist should do the math to process and fill your prescriptions in a prudent way. The difference however are not significant; in short, if the cost of your medication turns out to be greater than your ded..."
Apr 12, 2013
"Dear jdemma, Whether your provider can charge you a higher price that his contracted (negotiated) rate depends on the terms and conditions of his contract with your insurer. The only way you can find out about this particular term..."