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Growth spurt?? I used to add some baby rice cereal to the last bottle, although I am not sure if that made a difference. Are you breastfeeding?? You can add some more cereal to their diet to satisfy them. good luck!
I had amnio and they told me genders at about 18 weeks.
Drugs and alcohol do not affect test results but they do affect development of the baby. Please use birth control.
My twins are 2.5 months and are not sleeping through the night yet. Their joint best is 4.5 hours so far.
Feb 10, 2013 in the Pregnancy: Age 35+ Community - 4
Only an u/s can give you the answer. I bled from 6 weeks till about 16 weeks on and off during my pregnancy and delivered a healthy baby girl. Bleeding in the first trimester is very common. Good luck!
Feb 10, 2013 in the Pregnancy: Age 35+ Community - 6
Many ladies in their 40's had their first baby and did great. Since this is your 3rd pregnancy you are at advantage already. Congratulations on your pregnancy and enjoy the expetrience!
Feb 07, 2013 in the Pregnancy: Age 35+ Community - 2
The fact that you had 2 kids before without complications is a good sign! Many ladies here had successful pregnancies after 45 although your ob may monitor you more closely this time around. For example, my ob would not let a woman after 40 go beynd 40 weeks. There are graeter risks of placenta failure, etc. These risks are still small though. Good luck!...
Feb 05, 2013 in the Pregnancy: Age 35+ Community - 10
Downs is a genetic abnormality and genetic code is already fixed before you start taking progesterone. I took progesterone with both of my pregnancies and had no side-effects. Congrats on your pregnancy!
Feb 05, 2013 in the Pregnancy: Age 35+ Community - 5
It's just an u/s where they measure the thickness of nuchal fold and do some other measurements and look for other markers (e.g. the presence of the nasal bone). It's a non-invasive test and lets you see your baby. I absolutely LOVED all my first-look ultrasounds with perinatologust. They also have really cool and advanced u/s equipment. Enjoy!!...
Feb 05, 2013 in the Pregnancy: Age 35+ Community - 5
My ob typically does the first u/s at 7 weeks and then another check around 10 weeks. Nuber of u/s and ob appts you get may also depend on your health insurance. Some Kaiser enrollees only get 1 u/s at 15 weeks for example. If you have to chase your ob I would find another one. Vote with your feet!