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11 hours in the Diabetes - Type 2 Community - 4
Hahaa, well right now I do under 50 for meals and under 15 for snacks. So it would mean lowering them even more. I do eat white rice, cultural meals, but I could take that out although it might kill me lol. I don't even really know if 6.4 is good. Just what I have read online that the goal for diabetics is below 7. I guess I would like below the pr...
23 hours in the Diabetes - Type 2 Community - 4
Diagnosed 6 months ago with a1c .7.6. Due to high fasting levels around 130 I take 1000mg metformin twice a day. I have lost 28 lbs from watching carbs and just took another a1c. It was 6.4. I am thrilled it went down but do I need to cut even more carbs to get it in the 5 range?
Feb 01, 2013 in the Miscarriages Community
Dec 27, 2012 in the Pregnancy 35+ Community
Mar 31, 2012 in the MedHelp Social Community - 1229
Nope, I really am no photographer :) The person below me is ready for a change but scared to take the plunge
Feb 16, 2012 in the Anxiety Community - 2
My dh started taking Paxil for anxiety in mid december. He is now completely different, in the last week he has been depressed, sleeping all day, asking for a divorce, saying he feels trapped, giving up on graduate school which he only has to complete his thesis to finish etc. Now nothing has changed with me but he just says he is sick of me. Could this be...
Feb 10, 2012 in the Pregnancy 35+ Community - 4
While it is very sad it is so sweet that dad got to be with his daughter. I remember when I was pg with my first for some reason I thought I was going to die giving birth or something and I prayed every night just to have God let me live long enough to hold her. Wow now that I think back my hormones must have been going wild for me to think like that. But ...
Feb 10, 2012 in the Pregnancy 35+ Community - 4
DALLAS - It's a story about life, loss, and the courage to go on. A north Texas mother gave birth to her baby weeks early just so her terminally-ill husband could hold his daughter before he died. Still less than a month old, Savanah Aulger is resting peacefully at home, too young to understand all the pain around her. Months ago, her father Mark lear...
Jan 06, 2012 in the Pregnancy 35+ Community
This is so cute it is on only on sale for the next 24 hours.. I would have love one when my baby was little.. check it out in case it doesn't ...
Nov 20, 2011 in the Pregnancy 35+ Community - 8
I was really nauseous with my second pg.. all the time for 3 months.. not puking just feeling like it all the time.. I was on progesterone... on my 3rd pg I was on the same dose of progesterone and was never nauseous. I think it is the baby that is making you sick haha... good luck :) I would do salteins for the nausea.