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Jul 03, 2012
"Trichomonas?? i will look more into that. thanks. But what about in men?"
Jul 02, 2012
"first off, thanks for taking the time. :) i have been watching my diet and what i eat now and it has made a difference because it all started w constipation, and the times that i could go it would be like small and round shaped. an..."
Jun 25, 2012
"i have been living w herpes for a while now, the fishy smell is getting worse that i stink up my place that im too ashamed to invite people over. what can i do to help stop it. "
Jun 25, 2012
"My breath and body basically recently started smelling like poop, i know it may be bowel movement irregularities due to differences in my stool. what can help get rid of the smell? "