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Jun 15, 2015
"I am now on my 3 year anniversary from toxic NMS medicines. I was told that the medicine would cure my chronic cluster headaches. It caused my brain to rupture. Now on my 3rd year. I suffer everyday with polyneurapthy to severe OSW to ..."
Jun 06, 2015
"I wish i could help you. My grandmother went through the same thing, but she fell first, later some time later! like in her later 80's she was in a coma. Your grandmother is still young. She is going to need a lot of love, & yes it is go..."
Jun 06, 2015
"I had a ruptured anurism from toxic medicine, called Abilify and also was given 3 shots of Haldol, because i trusted my doctor. He had told the Mayo clinic to give me 7 shots of different neuroleptics. I had no idea, until the Mayo shipp..."
Jul 22, 2014
"Have u been checked out for vasculitis? There r multible types. Please mention to ur neurolist. Also, if it gets really bad, the doctor could order a skin biopsy. I am not a doctor, but i have had those signs but more when i am in a sta..."
Jul 10, 2014
"Just wanted to let u know, when u r on medicare, make sure u go to dept. of aging in ur state, & have them set u up with a medi-gap coverage to cover the other 20 percent so u wont have any co-pays! Medicare only pays 80 percent, 7 belie..."
Jun 28, 2014
"Hi. I dont want to bother with all my symtoms in the past, but i did want to mention 1 thing that a neurolist once prescribed me for my cluster headaches, & it made things worse, BUT, i JUST WANT TO MENTION IT TO YOU, CAS IT CAUSED SO MU..."
May 26, 2014
"No one ever told me i was having multible strokes, & my doctor still is denying them, when they show up on my history! I went to multible hospitals, & not 1 hosp. was told of my strokes, & they gave me neuroleptics!, which is 1st thing a..."
May 24, 2014
"Hi Ken. I think u r fantastic! I wanted to let you know you have been 1 of the most/best contributors of this site! I vew been through hxxl for last 3 years, & i had nothing wrong with me till the divorce, which the state managed to lose..."
May 17, 2014
"As far as i am concern, this drug can kill you, if u have problems with heart & stroke issues. The doctor who put me on it was a quack! Actually there were 2 of them. I was suppose to have an appointment with my neurolist for an anurism,..."
May 08, 2014
"Just wanted to let u know, i had a lot of ur symtoms, & Ken is really smart when it comes down to topics like what u r experiencing. My first time i ever got ill, besides my long history of cluster headaches due to nautious fumes, mostly..."