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Aug 19, 2012
"Hey, you don't have to feel alone! I found out just back in Feb of this year that I have MSK! I too suffer with pain, pings and pangs mostly. I cramp and my back hurts a lot. Try to stay possitive. Its not easy I know. I don't feel like..."
Aug 06, 2012
"I am so sorry that you are dealing with MSK. I hate the fact that anyone has to deal with this evil disease. I have back pain all the time. Lower mostly but sometimes its between the shoulders too. Doctors are so lame, they tell you You..."
Jul 27, 2012
"I don't think that's what I have it doesn't sound like me. I have to go aften but I drink a lot of water. I cramp but it's in the groin area which is due to MSK. I burn sometimes but if I drink a lot it helps All my urine tests are neg!"
Jul 24, 2012
"Oh I'm sorry I wasn't clear. I have only been treated for MSK! I was just wondering if it could be PKD not MSK. My nephro and urologist say they don't know how to treat MSK. It's rare! Not enough research has been done as of yet. I haven..."
Jul 23, 2012
"Back in Feb.2012 I was told I have Medullary Sponge Kidney ( MSK ) with Cortical thinning of the left Kedney and my right Kideny is inlarged just a little. My Question is Could I have Both MSK and PKD? I have cysts in Both kidneys but w..."
Jul 23, 2012
"I have noticed I get bumps on my face a chest that look sorta like a pimple but there is nothing to them. If I try to scratch them they just run clear then the next day their gone! I never had them till I started having MSK problems. I d..."
Jul 23, 2012
"I have something else to ask too What test do you take to find out if you do have a UTI? Regular urine tests come back negative! How do they find out? I know I have a UTI because it burns and I cramp a lot. Plus my back hurts in betwee..."
Jul 20, 2012
"Hey everyone, I'm sure it's a crazy question but I'm just not finding Doctors that have answers for me. A kidney doctor that's never even seen a patient with MSK. A urologist that knows nothing about it and my regular never even heard o..."
Jul 19, 2012
"I to have MSK. I know what you are talking about As far as your back hurts, flank pain, run down No energy at at least I don't have any energy! I also feel bloated a lot! It's like I have a bolder In my side that just festers all the..."