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Nov 15, 2013
"Yaaaaay!!!!! You did it. I'm so happy for you. "
Oct 17, 2013
"Congratulations Purplecat! I love your way of announcing with the song. Enjoy your new hep c free life."
Oct 16, 2013
"Yaaaaaay! You must feel so good. Wishing you a great new life without HCV to worry about."
Oct 14, 2013
"Yaaaaay! You and your hubby enjoy your new lives together. It seems like the whole group we treated with are getting their SVR badges."
Oct 11, 2013
"Congratulations on your SVR in advance. I would have near 100% confidence in a 5 month+ result myself. But if you do take another test please drop by and let us all know. You fought hard are a winner. Remember when we had a sweet tooth t..."
Oct 11, 2013
"I'm so, so sorry to hear this news and will be praying for Bluebird and her family. Thanks for letting us know Advocate."
Oct 11, 2013
"Congratulations Evan, you earned it! I'm glad your side effects are diminishing and soon you'll be at full strength. You were a really good friend on here for me and thanks for all your help. Doesn't it feel like a huge load is off your ..."
Sep 24, 2013
"Congratulations and hoping your joint pain and stiffness will resolve itself. That's a huge move and it sounds pretty exciting. Good luck in your new life."
Sep 24, 2013
"Thank you all for your nice comments and I wish everyone the very best. If you're in treatment, I hope you get results; if you're in recovery, I wish you a smooth one; and if you're done, I wish you a long and happy life."
Sep 23, 2013
"Good for you and looking forward to your SVR post. It took about 5 weeks for my blood work to get back to normal from EOT. But I started feeling a lot better in a few weeks. I hope you have a smooth recovery. "