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p.s. Did I mention that the ad takes up the entire page? it can be closed after 10 seconds.
Oh, one more thing, only the original poster will be able to select the best answer. Sorry, I assumed you were trying to pick a best answer of a post your originated.
14 hours in the Hepatitis C Community - 4
Congratulations! I am so happy to hear your good news! I was also tested back in the mid 90's when the tests were not as good. I got a false negative and went on to 2007 before finding out I had it. When I asked the doctor how this could have happened he said the tests were not as sensitive back then. I am really glad yours turned out for the good T...
14 hours in the Cirrhosis of the Liver Community - 3
Hey there, the above information is wonderful. When I was having really bad cramps I tried to make sure I was getting sufficient nutrition. I took calcium, magnesium, zinc and potassium (bananas) to try to help, they did help me You should check with your doctor first before taking anything. Hector is right, you should try to treat your HCV. I rarely get...
14 hours in the Cirrhosis of the Liver Community - 7
It is very true that the upper intestines are right up near the liver, that pain can be confused with liver pain. Have you had your gallbladder checked out? Just a thought, if you look at a diagram of the liver and gallbladder you can see they are one on top of the other, at least in the pictures I have seen. Have you had a liver biopsy to check the status...
Hi Barb, I have seen this happen as well, sometimes the messages will get out of order so it appears that someone is answering a person who hasn't posted yet. Confusing.
When I do a search for MH, this is what I find to describe it Find a Doctor to answer your medical questions, or find health information from our health communities. MedHelp has hundreds of forums for medical ...
Hi I agree that they need to change the information that states that there are medical professionals here to answer your questions. If you do a search for Med Help it tells you there are doctors here to answer questions and they have been gone for almost a year. False advertising. Another thing that just happened to me, I had not been on here in a few da...
Hi there, you can also click on My MH and under the drop down you will see profile, that will show you your inbox and notes as well. Good luck Lynn is right the "best answer" doesn't show until you go to the answer, then it lights up in green on the left side of underside of answer.
Apr 25, 2015 in the Hepatitis C Community - 9
Hey there! It has been such a long fight/struggle. I am so happy you have made it! I have been away while helping my friend with her blog while she recovers from her liver transplant. Your post was the first I saw. It just makes my day to know how well you are doing. My best Dee