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Hey Otter, thanks for sharing, this looks promising. Thanks for sharing. Dee
Aug 18, 2015 in the Anxiety Community - 32
So sorry to read all of these stories, I was put on a 9 day, started at 40mg, down to 30, 6th day. I can't sleep. It is awful. Nothing is helping me sleep. I was put on this for back pain and to get me off Advil in preparation for surgery, I think. Won't take this again unless life threatening. To top it off, it isn't helping back pain.
Lonvida curcumin mentioned above is an antiinflammatory. I just started Zyaflamend which has curcumin in it in addition to other herbs which are antiinflammatory. If it helps it will be worth it. I started it a week ago for sciatica, not knowing it might help the brain. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing
To explain, I was searching for Post Interferon Syndrome. In the past all I would find was HCV and interferon. I guess, now that it is not being used as much for HCV I am finding interferon and skin cancer and long term side effects I don't know what dose they took compared to those of us who treated HCV but I am hopeful this information will help s...
Hi just in case here is the information. While it is not new I think it is believable and might point you in the right direction. Maybe there are some Oncologists out there that know how interferon affected some people and they can help. If I find anything I will come back. I think this is the place that DWBH was talking about or it is close....I hope :) ...
Hi Bruin, yes I believe that for people who have PIS what you are experiencing is the norm. I know I will be good for a day maybe two, then I am exhausted. I got the Dellimune V off of Amazon. You can check as prices constantly change. I have noticed improvement like Frank. Because I have been taking probiotics for a while my results were not as strong as Fra...
Hi all, just stopping by for a minute and I saw a post that Socrates18016 wrote in May 2010. I had never read it before. It really hit home for me. What he wrote struck me so much I wanted to point it out to others who are still having problems post interferon Good luck to all
Jul 14, 2015 in the Back & Neck Community - 4
If I were you, I would go to an Osteopathic Doctor or DO. They can work on your body like a chiropractor in addition to being an MD. It almost sounds as if you hurt your neck, then started tensing up in other areas of the body because of the neck. There is a great website, free, it is called Do it yourself joint pain relief . com. It is really helpful. I hav...
Hi there, you can purchase DellimmuneV directly from the company, I will get information. Also Amazon sells it NADH really helped me when I first finished tx. It helped a couple of other people on here.
Hi there! Thanks so much for posting. I am happy that you have been able to get an answer I just started Cerefolin NAC, have hope it will help me Good luck Dee