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good advice
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Hi yes it is time. I don't know if you use twitter but under pain patients there are many people who are being cut of...
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Oh, it is probably in your contract that you will not take anything else. Pain patients don't seem to have any rights.
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You may want to google "Pain patients cut off" Pain patients are being cut off from their medications for any, every...
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Good luck to you
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This is very old question from 2008
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I don't know anything but I've heard ginger chews are good for the stomach
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It's been two years since I read that Bonnie had died. I wish I had known her.
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FNTN!!! I'm so so happy to see you. Yes, I remember when your meds were being reduced. It is very frightening that pa...
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Hello there! Congratulations! I just saw this when Jugglin commented on Meegys status. Better than smoke signals I gu...
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