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I still haven't seen it. I see, they are trying to let people know it is serious. Thank you!
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Hi I think your blood work looks pretty good, especially the AST and ALT, they are kind of the first signs of any pro...
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Hi there is now a generic for Vagifem, I am thrilled as the other was so expensive
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Amoira, thank you for your information. I am looking for help. I had urinary problem so my doctor gave me Vagifem sam...
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Thank you for sharing, I wish I had seen this last year.
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While looking for help for an estrogen question I happened upon this thread. You are so right, bleeding for a month ...
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Hi there, first if you drink, you could cut back or stop. Cut out red meat, fried foods, processed lunch meats. Eve...
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Hi, I am sorry you are going through this. I don't know much about this subject but will try to find something. T...
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Thank you!! This is very nice! I appreciate.
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Hi there, your brother really needs to see a liver specialist. We are not doctors, just fellow patients. With numbe...
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