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11 hours in the Cirrhosis of the Liver Community - 3
Hi I am sorry you are not feeling well. I don't think you have advanced liver disease, especially with your platelets being in the normal range. Have you taken a look at what you are eating to see if perhaps that is causing the gas, bloating? Have you been checked for any wheat allergies? I am only mentioning because my niece was diagnosed with gluten ...
12 hours in the Ebola Community - 5
Here is an article about it, not sure how factual but it says that this doctor said he was self quarantining himself and then went bowling
12 hours in the Ebola Community - 1
Thank you Cheryl, Vance. Good idea. It is difficult to find the facts, they seem to be buried
12 hours in the Ebola Community - 5
I heard about this as well, he returned from Africa 10 days before he started feeling ill. In that time he went to many areas though they "say" he was not contagious until he started feeling sick. I know in my case, I run a low temperature all the time so I could have a fever fly and not be detected at first. Working with the virus as a docto...
12 hours in the Ebola Community - 5
I agree with you, the news has really run with this until it is 24/7 no one wonder people are scared when that is all they hear. I was pretty frightened thinking it would become the pandemic that has been forecast for years. After none of Mr Duncan's contacts got sick I realized my fears were out of control. Gosh, I did not realize there were so man...
15 hours in the Hepatitis C Community - 11
Hi there, welcome! Each person is different so has to weight the risks vs benefits. I have heard many different opinions on here. Some say if one has little damage they can afford to wait. On the other hand I have heard it is much easier to treat and rid yourself of the virus before it causes more damage. My doctor told me that it would be much harder for...
15 hours in the Hepatitis B Community - 3
Hi, that is not too high, is it possible you had a bear the night before? Medication can also raise it. What is your AST? Listing your other numbers would help. When a doctor looks at your numbers they look at all of the numbers as a whole which helps them diagnose you. What did your doctor say? Take Care D
15 hours in the Hepatitis C Community - 4
Hello there, everyone is different. You will start to feel better the first week you don't have to take the interferon injection but better as far as how you feel on the meds. system. I imagine that the new tx only being 12 weeks vs the old 24 48 72 will help you feel better much faster than it used to be. I remember my doctor telling me I would fee...
15 hours in the Hepatitis C Community - 7
Hi flyinlynn and Magnum gave you great advice. The lactulose draws the ammonia into your intestines to be excreted which laxatives to not. I remember having this same question a couple of years ago when I was taking lactulose
Oct 23, 2014 in the Hepatitis C Community - 7
Hi there, I once had the same question you have now. I believe that the lactulose reduces the ammonia in your gut and brain and that's why it is important to take, if the ammonia gets too high it can cause you to have problems thinking, driving, cooking etc. I am not as good as explaining things as Hector so I have taken one of his explanations and am ...