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I didn't know this. I see people with seizures being helped with CBD oil. Very impressed!
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Lesa, your words brought tears to my eyes; Dave your response to Lesa was everything!
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Hi Dave, I just wanted to say hello. When I am aching bad I soak in a tub of epsom salt. I have heard it draws out th...
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Thank you all for sharing. There is information on here www. synviscsurvivor. blogspot. com
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Magnum, great to see you, Mike as well! Lynn I agree with Mike. There is newer research and I think some people ar...
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Good information
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Hello there! Welcome! I am sure others will be a long soon. I wish you the best. D
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Drifter, my thoughts are with you!
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Thank you Mike, this is fascinating!
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Dear Randy, Happy Anniversary. I appreciate the day you started this forum
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