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Sep 20, 2012
"I totally understand your concerns. I too, needed my energy because I have an extremely high energy job as well as a 4 1/2 year old. I tapered down and I ran out of pills to continue on my taper. I took suboxone for about a week and al..."
Sep 19, 2012
"You are not alone! Reading your post reminded me of why I fought so hard to get sober! I'm now 10 days norco free and it's still very hard, but life will only get better from here. Tell your doctor everything. Be honest with yourself..."
Aug 31, 2012
"It's so nice to hear somebody else that wants a lifetime of sobriety as much as I do! I am still tapering off of norco and as much as I would love to be sick for three days and say goodbye forever to those damn pills, I am doing this th..."
Aug 23, 2012
"Okay, so I told my boyfriend everything and he is trying to be as supportive as he can. The problem is that he doesn't understand addiction to pain pills. He keeps saying "mind over matter," and doesn't realize that my body is adjustin..."
Aug 22, 2012
"I have been tapering from norco for just over a week and I have been very doing amazing. I was taking over 15 10 mg. norco per day and am now down to 5 per day. I have no cravings at all. I think this is because I so ready to be done ..."
Aug 21, 2012
"I wanted to add a couple of things... Like I mentioned earlier, I cannot see your skin, I can only hear what you are telling me so I am basing my advice on that. Fortunately, you cannot change your skin type. Your skin should be treat..."
Aug 21, 2012
"You may need a deep exfoliation. You cannot ever reduce the size of your pores, but you can reduce their appearance. Your pores most likely appear large because they are not totally free of dirt and debris. One thing that will help is ..."
Aug 21, 2012
"There could be many different reasons that your skin is in this current condition. There is no way to tell without having an esthetician or dermatologist actually see your current skin condition. Is your skin sensitive to the touch? ..."
Aug 21, 2012
"I am a 28 year old single mother with very busy, fast-paced job and I cannot take time off work. I am currently taking 15-20 10 mg. norco per day. I quit cold turkey from a much lower dosage two years ago, which was prescribed to me due..."