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Oct 07, 2012
"im about 9 weeks pregnant. and i been hurting in my right side like where my ovary are. but i had my appendix taken out about 3 years ago and it hurt in that place.i have endometriosis and fibriods tumors and bleeding ucler and a hitial ..."
Sep 19, 2012
"my teeth are rottened and stay abcessed all the time. i need them all pulled out but i dont have any insurance or money to have this done. i been sick for over 6 months with weakness,body aches, blurry viision in one eye and extreme fati..."
Sep 19, 2012
"what would cause your blood pressure to stay high even if you are taking 50mg in the morning and 50mg at night. before i got sick my blood pressure was just a little high now it scares me sometimes it 200/129 and here lately it never und..."
Sep 08, 2012
"i know i have endometroisis and a fibroid tumor on my uterus and it got bigger the fibroid tumor has...i been having a real hard time with my period. i hurt a week before and when i got my period. i started my period when i just turn 10 ..."
Sep 04, 2012
"i have tried every diet i know of. even took diet pills and tried to exercise and drink water,but i dont lose weight i been gaining more and i dont understand it because everytime i go and get weight at the doctor office i gain 3to 5 pou..."