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Aug 18, 2009
"Autism is characterized by delays in social development and language development and the presence of repetitive behavior. There are many other reasons for delayed speech, but speech therapy is appropriate for children with and without a ..."
Aug 13, 2009
"I understand your frustration regarding difficulties in finding appropriate diagnosis and, more importantly, intervention for your brother. To me, your description does not seem consistent with an spectrum disorder, but in-person assessm..."
Aug 12, 2009
"Given your description, it seems unlikely that your child would be diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Of course, I still recommend that you follow up with your pediatrian."
Aug 11, 2009
"You did not mention difficulties with social interaction or repetitive behavior, which are primary characteristics of autism spectrum disorders. It sounds as those his difficulties with attention and other behavior problems are the prima..."
Aug 10, 2009
"In addition to seeking the assessment recommended by the school, I recommend that you get the support of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who will be able to provide recommendations for addressing your son's tantrums. The website of th..."
Aug 10, 2009
"I think it would be a good idea to share these concerns with your pediatrician, who will have a full picture of your child's health and development and will be aware of the local resources for assessment (if necessary). Your pediatrician..."
Aug 10, 2009
"Regardless of the child's motivation for wearing his mothers clothes, it is important for her to get control of this behavior. She must be able to restrict his access to her personal belongings and to unsafe materials in the home. Theref..."
Aug 10, 2009
"I recommend that you start by sharing any developmental concerns with your pediatrician, who should be able to provide some guidance regarding your child's overall developmental profile and to refer you to some local resources for intial..."
Aug 10, 2009
"It would not be a bad idea to provide alternative activites that provide sensory stimulation, but these activities should not be connected to fecal smearing attempts. That is, if you want to increase stimulation, do that according to a s..."
Jul 28, 2009
"As you may know, Asperger's is diagnosed based on impaired social development and restricted or repetitive behavior patterns. You noted some social difficulties, but did not mention repetitive behavior, precoccupations, inflexible routin..."