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Nov 25, 2012
"ive also noticed a few skin colored bumps under my vaginal opening that dont itch ot anything just are kind of bothering me because they are there. what do i nneed to do about that"
Nov 25, 2012
"ok so a couple days ago i noticed this itch was coming back which was a little bit up under my vagina after me and my boyfriend had sex. the itch is so intense, especially after i am physcially active because i dance, cheer , and do gymn..."
Sep 20, 2012
"About a month ago i had sex with my boyfriend and my vagina got really itchy,burning, and just sensitive when i wiped. About a week after my menstral came on and the itching kind of subsided. Today my boyfriend nd i had sex again and whe..."
Sep 12, 2012
"Today is day three and it seems like the cream isnt helping anymore i have the urge to itch all the time now. I havent had time to go to the clinic or anything."
Sep 11, 2012
"Recently my vagina has been itching burning and sensitive altogether and im not sure what caused it ive had this problems for two days now. I recently changed washing detergent but also i had sex. Also im just getting over strep throat s..."