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Nov 25, 2012 in the Women's Health Community - 2
ive also noticed a few skin colored bumps under my vaginal opening that dont itch ot anything just are kind of bothering me because they are there. what do i nneed to do about that
Nov 25, 2012 in the Women's Health Community - 2
ok so a couple days ago i noticed this itch was coming back which was a little bit up under my vagina after me and my boyfriend had sex. the itch is so intense, especially after i am physcially active because i dance, cheer , and do gymnastics, to the point where i have to itch although i try to ignore it. when i itch it only makes it worse. so when i looked ...
Sep 20, 2012 in the Sexual Health Community - 1
About a month ago i had sex with my boyfriend and my vagina got really itchy,burning, and just sensitive when i wiped. About a week after my menstral came on and the itching kind of subsided. Today my boyfriend nd i had sex again and when he started performing oral sex the itching burning sensation came back and i dont know if its because i may be allergic to...
Sep 12, 2012 in the Sexual Health Community - 5
Today is day three and it seems like the cream isnt helping anymore i have the urge to itch all the time now. I havent had time to go to the clinic or anything.
Sep 11, 2012 in the Sexual Health Community - 5
Recently my vagina has been itching burning and sensitive altogether and im not sure what caused it ive had this problems for two days now. I recently changed washing detergent but also i had sex. Also im just getting over strep throat so im still on antibiotics but my "area" is red and i feel very uncomfortable especially since i am active in sport...