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Apr 22, 2009
"I asked myself the same question after I lost my Felix. I had no idea anything was wrong so when I came home from college to find that he had major fluid in the heart and had to be put down it was a major major shock. Because he was such..."
Apr 22, 2009
"My Stewie does the same, and its always always because he's so excited to eat that he eats too much too fast. He used to have a quarter can of dry food in the morning and he would gobble it and then later on.... yeah."
Apr 22, 2009
"I wish that I could, but I quite literally have no money :( I want to know so badly how to make this right, its so frustrating..."
Apr 22, 2009
"With some early minor success, he's gone back to the same old behavior. He's gone back to scratching and yowling starting at three in the morning. I've come to realize that its not me that he's doing this to, its always in my roommates r..."
Apr 05, 2009
"I had some bonding time with him all day yesterday, he even laid on the couch with me when i took a nap. Yes, I was allowed to take a nap! He still woke me up at 6 in the morning, but he was ok after I fed him and was able to go back to ..."
Apr 04, 2009
"Thanks for your response:) I lived with my family In New York so my room mates cat is completely new to him. When I lived with my family though my mom had a cat and they shared the same food bowls, water, etc without too much incident..."
Apr 04, 2009
"I've had my cat Stewie since August of 2005, and overall he is a great cat. Goofy, affectionate, and I have to say just a bit dumb :P. In August of 2008 we moved from New York to Virginia and initially everything was fine. We had a bit o..."
Jan 13, 2008
"In mid october I lifted a heavy suitcase above my head. Within days my hearing felt clogged, and i've barely had relief from it since. I started to have headaches at the base of my head, which I freaked out about and was told was a tensi..."
Jan 12, 2008
"Update, my stomach pains subsided a bit but, theres a spot on the back of my upper right thigh. right at the crease? So confused and scared now, when i walk and when i sit it hurts..."
Jan 11, 2008
"I've had numerous problems over the past couple months (since mid october) with multiple ER visits. First few were for severe headaches at the base of my head, then for muscle spasms in the neck (severe neck pain), and the last one I wa..."