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May 16, 2013
"Hi, I think it's normal I noticed a knot or lump at my incision site as well it and any bruising will eventually go away. I just relaxed a lot and geeked out playing Skyrim , ME3 and a few others lol. It took me a good 6 months before I ..."
Nov 02, 2012
"yeah I still get the occasional feeling of a bump of the heart and it's been four months since mine but they are very mild and not as frequent as they used to be. Take care.. "
Oct 20, 2012
"I have this as well, my cardiologist called it Wolf Parkinson White or WPW. I had ablation because my bp was low and he was worried the meds would lower it too much. The main danger of WPW is sudden cardiac death according to my cardiolo..."
Oct 09, 2012
"I had ablation just over three months ago for wpw, I didn't get the sharp pain but my chest was definitely sore and I got tired and had to rest to catch my breath for just a trip from the living room to the kitchen. Before the procedure ..."
Sep 26, 2012
"yes the extra electrical signal was found on a 24 hour halter monitor and ekg but it will only show if it's active at the time of the tests"
Sep 25, 2012
"Our symptoms sound similar mine started at 25 I had 4 different doctors all say anxiety/panic attacks none ran any test the last doctor I saw did run test and determined I have ( Wolf Parkinson White )"
Sep 21, 2012
"I forgot to mention that his leg function periodically does get a little better at least for a short time "
Sep 21, 2012
"About two years ago my uncle who is 47 started loosing feeling in his legs now he can barely move them he has had multiple MRI's and a spinal tap with no diagnosis yet he is now on disability as he has lost his ability to walk he has als..."
Sep 14, 2012
"Thank you that does make me feel better. I kind of wondered if the stress from my 4 1/2 month old baby teething could be bringing them on."
Sep 14, 2012
"sorry I'm new to this and don't know the tech terms but it kind of feels like jumps or a flopping of the heart."