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Jul 31, 2011
"Hello. With the information in the previous questions and this one, it is difficult to say if this is transference. Assuming or infering that this could be transference might not be appropriate. I suppose this can be discussed during..."
Jul 24, 2011
"Hello. Tolerance develops with continued use over a period of time. Once a week dosing is not likely to lead to tolerance. Klonopin is a Benzodiazepine. Benzodiazepines are not recommended for long term use. The effectiveness is know..."
Jul 15, 2011
"Yes, you can tell the therapist how your felt and what your thoughts were about the cancellation. This is a separate emotional disturbance and has to be given due importance. The initial anger and sadness will subside, but the feeling of..."
Jul 14, 2011
"Hello. Sadness and anger can be healthy in the given situation. But hurt may not be so healthy. Hurt comes in the picture when there are certain expectations from people or situations, which do not get fulfilled. The stronger the exp..."
Jul 03, 2011
"Hello. It is true that Pristiq and Effexor are primarily the same chemically, but there are a few differences. Pristiq has Desvenlafaxine, a metabolite (by-product) of Venlafaxine (Effexor). Almost 70% of the clinical action on Effex..."
Jun 21, 2011
"Hello. Reducing 0.25mg from all three pills might be too fast if you are not comfortable on the current dose. In that case, you might actually consider reducing 0.25mg/day every 15 days. Once you have reached to under 1mg per day dos..."
Jun 21, 2011
"Hello. What you have described here appears to be neither Paranoia (of the Schizophrenia type) nor instrusive thoughts. Being suspicious that someone might have mixed LSD in the milk is more of an anxiety / fear than paranoia. An..."
Jun 21, 2011
"Hello again. You can continue with the 6 hourly dosage. Extending it to 7 - 7 and half hours probably won't make a significant difference to the tapering process. It will only extend the time when you have to take the last tablet of ..."
Jun 20, 2011
"Hello. Clonazepam is a potent benzodiazepine, more potent that Diazepam. A lot of clinicians use Diazepam in the tapering process of Clonazepam. You can discuss this option with your prescribing doctor. Gradual taper off may not work..."
Jun 15, 2011
"Hello. Your symptoms look like Hypnagogic hallucination. This may occur with a sleep disorder or independently. The content of the hallucination is likely to be related to what thoughts go on in your mind in your wakefulness. It's pr..."