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Jun 25, 2013
"You're going to do awesome! Stay positive and have great thoughts ;) you'll do just fine. Ill be praying for you! Keep us posted. Good luck"
Jun 25, 2013
"I just had my 3rd ablation on June 13th 2013 so Just 12 days ago. And honestly I'm just like tom_h I felt no tiredness afterwards except trying to wake up from the sedatives the day of. Next day I Just layed in the hospital bed resting..."
Jun 15, 2013
"i just posted my story in my journal on my page :) thanks everyone for all your support and concern. i love this heart friendly website and my new friends.thanks everyone"
Jun 12, 2013
"Ohmygoshh thank you soo much for your kind words. I found peace for that moment and will carry that thought with me right into the surgery room. I live all you heart friendly friends. Today is the first day with no rythmol, I feel jus..."
Jun 11, 2013
"ok guys i'm having my pvc ablation in 2 days June 13th I have to be at the university at 6am. uhggg im having such mixed emotions. worried it may not work, scared for how I will feel during, after and recovery. I am to get off my rythmol..."
May 19, 2013
"Thank you for responding. You are right I meant the left atrium, not right, I meant they would need to cross over the right atrium to get to pulmonary vein and left atrium. Sorry for the confusion. And yes I know they are 2 separate ..."
May 18, 2013
"i also wanted to note that im having a cardiac MRI next friday because they have never done one before. will a mri show EVERYTHING that maybe a echo has missed in the past? "
May 18, 2013
"Here is my story. im a 35 y/o female 5'2 110 pounds. dont smoke, drink, have caffeine, take stimulants, or hardly eat chocolate, i excerise 3 days a week walking on the treadmill 2 miles at a time. i eat pretty good and have NO other hea..."
Dec 10, 2012
"Atrial fibrillation can go on for minutes, hours, days to permanently.. And if I'm right ventricular fibrillation causes death is inevitable with in a few minutes. . HOWEVER ventricular fibrillation is very rare and usually comes along w..."
Dec 03, 2012
"This is all such sad conversation. Why can't there just be a fix. :,( these things are literally debilitating. I'm 35 years old had my first felt pvc when i was 19 years old. I avoid all you do, flying, traveling where i can't get to a h..."