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May 29, 2012
"ok, thank you. : ("
May 27, 2012
"ok let me give you a timeline. I had sex with my husband around April 27th, genital-genital only. Thought I had a bug bite down there May 11th. By May 18th I went to the Dr b/c I was hurting real bad. Had oral sex with my husband, me per..."
May 26, 2012
"Neither one of us has ever had a cold sore and I basically found out I had HSV-1 because I had what I thought was a bug bite near my rear end, then thought I just had a rash of some sort. Went to the Dr. and she did a swab on one of my s..."
May 25, 2012
"I was recently diagnosed with HSV-1 genital. I've been with my husband for almost 18 years, but he did cheat about 10 years ago. So, we were thinking I may have contracted it before we were together. So, I gave him oral and the next day ..."
Nov 19, 2008
"I've never had a pap that far along into pregnancy, so I don't understand why your dr would do that. Are you sure that your water broke? You would know bc you would have a gush of fluid. And if the dr did cause this, I'd be suing! An..."
Apr 22, 2008
"Sorry, I'm with you on Jazlyn...thats a very cute name!!!...and if your b/f thinks that a strippers name....then I would be asking where the hell has he been!!!!!!! LOL! all the others came up with some cute on common names so I'm no..."
Apr 03, 2008
"I am so glad that lil Gabriele is doing good. It broke my heart into a million pieces when you wrote that his eyes finally opened. My babies eyes and I'm sure yours too, were still sealed shut when he was born. Of course my baby only ..."
Mar 27, 2008
"I had one of those a couple of years ago. It was a blood clot in my uterus that basically "popped". The dr's told me that I probably wouldn't lose my baby, but I did. It was my very first miscarriage. And I was 11 weeks along. Since..."
Mar 26, 2008
"We're still thinking about all of you. Can't wait for an update. Hope all is well. Lots of HUGS!"
Mar 26, 2008
"Sorry it took me so long to respond...anyways, I always had low amniotic fluid and at 22.5 weeks upon u/s we found out there was no fluid around my baby. We tried everything to help him. But the procedure we had done, called amnioinfus..."