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Oct 11, 2012 in the Gastroenterology Community - 125
Thanks alot I will try that out, I think it is my over eating I love food but apparently it doesnt love me or my body doesnt love it lol. I will post on updates
Oct 01, 2012 in the Gastroenterology Community
I was wondering I have my Colonoscopy Wed and I was taking Azo yeast and Azo cranberry to help my symptoms I got from getting sick this week and couldnt schedule an appt till tom (Monday) So i was wondering will this interfere with my Colonoscopy??
Sep 29, 2012 in the Acne Community - 1
I not too sure but have you asked if it may be eczema or prosarsis, ceck that out. Also maybe an allergy to food? keep a food diary is there someting you can be eating/driking. Hope this helps!
Sep 28, 2012 in the Women's Health Community - 2
Im sorry that happened to you. You need to keep a good track of your periods. Some girls have worse periods than others. I have passed out and hit my head on the toilette thank God you are okay, I feel your pain cmpletely!! You need to keep track so you can detect when its coming, thats what I do because I sadly literally prepare. On the day I start I have to...
Sep 28, 2012 in the Endometriosis Community - 2
I have had this sissue since i was 13, I also devolped stomach issues but that abdominal pain and lower back pain ive had forever. My periods are so intense I vomit from the pain. I used to be a pot smoker but I stopped smoking when I came to Christ and I guess the pain ive learned to live with. People and doctors just think Im making things up due to sonogra...
Sep 28, 2012 in the Women's Health Community - 2
Is there any dishcharge?? It may be just an infection that can be easily taken away with medicine. If it feels very wet down there with no discharge more like a watery kind that Bacterial Viagnosis and if there is white disharge ike cottage cheese its a yeast infection it may be nothing dont worry. I do suggest you make an appt with a doctor though, the gyno....
Sep 26, 2012 in the Gastroenterology Community - 16
Hey I was wondering on an update of your situation. And do you work out? Im def thinking of starting a new lifestyle of working out daily, no more coffee :(, def no sugars, eating more greens veggies and fruit and trying a detox. I aso wanted to start taking culturelle sold at CVS Walmart basically any pharmacy store it contains Lactobollious prob spel...