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Oct 11, 2012
"Thanks alot I will try that out, I think it is my over eating I love food but apparently it doesnt love me or my body doesnt love it lol. I will post on updates "
Oct 01, 2012
"I was wondering I have my Colonoscopy Wed and I was taking Azo yeast and Azo cranberry to help my symptoms I got from getting sick this week and couldnt schedule an appt till tom (Monday) So i was wondering will this interfere with my Co..."
Sep 29, 2012
"I not too sure but have you asked if it may be eczema or prosarsis, ceck that out. Also maybe an allergy to food? keep a food diary is there someting you can be eating/driking. Hope this helps! "
Sep 28, 2012
"Im sorry that happened to you. You need to keep a good track of your periods. Some girls have worse periods than others. I have passed out and hit my head on the toilette thank God you are okay, I feel your pain cmpletely!! You need to k..."
Sep 28, 2012
"I have had this sissue since i was 13, I also devolped stomach issues but that abdominal pain and lower back pain ive had forever. My periods are so intense I vomit from the pain. I used to be a pot smoker but I stopped smoking when I ca..."
Sep 28, 2012
"Is there any dishcharge?? It may be just an infection that can be easily taken away with medicine. If it feels very wet down there with no discharge more like a watery kind that Bacterial Viagnosis and if there is white disharge ike cott..."
Sep 26, 2012
"Hey I was wondering on an update of your situation. And do you work out? Im def thinking of starting a new lifestyle of working out daily, no more coffee :(, def no sugars, eating more greens veggies and fruit and trying a detox. ..."