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Oct 22, 2012
"my GI doc said all my intestine wall's are as thin as tissue paper. he's a doc that does not answer patients question's...what can tissue paper thin wall's do to me?or where can i google to find out....?anyone?"
Oct 20, 2012
"no.i've had gerd since i was 19.a few months before these gastroparesis stuff reall got going, i had a partial hysterectomy.i had it done abdominaly....the GI doc said i could have been anorexic when a teenager that was never diagnosed....."
Oct 20, 2012
"i'm 41.i'm not diabetic. one year ago i began havng even more stomach problem issues: frequent vomiting,nausea,weight loss....this past april i had a flare up of my rare kidney disease:henoch scheinlein's an autoimmune disord..."