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Aug 08, 2013
"I have still battle with getting this done and over with or waiting. And to top it off my dr wants to take me off xanax or go to a psych dr. I am going to the head doctor. I've already made an appt. This will be better for me I think, wh..."
Jul 23, 2013
Jul 18, 2013
"I have called my doctor and left a message about the Sofosbuvir. I won't know anything until then. I'm sure he'll check it out. I trust him. I also told them that I would like to wait until this drug is available. So it's a just hurry up..."
Jul 01, 2013
"I have just read up on the Sofosbuvir. I am definitely going to call my physician. If the side effects are aren't so severe for this new drug, and it appears to cure with a higher rate than the interferon then I would definitely be will ..."
Jul 01, 2013
"I will call my doctor's office tomorrow and ask about the new medication. And see if I should wait or not. I just want this to be done with. This is the only thing that makes me leery. (Sofosbuvir is an investigational product and its sa..."
Jul 01, 2013
"I have absolutely no way of knowing how or when. I have been sexually assaulted a couple of times. The reason I know there is no biopsy is that he said we would start on the meds in sept. And for me to have a good summer. As far as the ..."
Jun 19, 2013
"I just found out I have genotype 2 and will be taking the interferon and ribavarin when I start treatments in September. I'm about to lose my mind over the fear of side effects. The one I am most scared about is the mental part of it. I..."
Jun 18, 2013
"I found out that I had Hep C after deciding to give blood for Lent. I received a letter informing me of this disease. I wanted to curl up and die. And after reading some items on it, I just cried. I can't cry now. Too numb. I am assumi..."
Nov 17, 2009
"I have been diagnosed with several things (fibro, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, DDD, peripheral neuropathy in both legs and hands, and a "pinched nerve" at C6-C7. I had a spinal fusion done in 11/08 at L5-S1. I am having the same type ..."
Oct 07, 2009
" I have been dealing with all these medical issues for the past 1 1/2 yrs. I have found out the following: Most of the time you have to push or investigate any pain you may have. I searched for docs I thought could help. Fortunately, ..."