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Nov 24, 2015
"I have notice the past few days when I go to the bathroom I see on the tp there is a light pinkish color. Today it was much more noticeable. I am going on approx. 7 days after ovulation and I have a lot of fullness, soreness in my breas..."
Jan 30, 2015
"i bought preseed and i just had an iui today the dr told me to use it within the fertile window... best of luck!!! "
Jan 30, 2015
"I had my iui today and this is one of many. I have been tracking my ovulation with an app that I have been using this whole experience. per my app it is showing that I will be ovulating on feb 1st I just went to the bathroom and I am spo..."
Dec 04, 2014
"I had my iui done on Nov 26th and my symptoms that I am having are itchy boobs for about 4 days, also i had pinchi g in my lower stomach when i stretch and happends threw out the day every now and again and yesterday my nipples were hurt..."
Nov 27, 2014
"I had asked my dr when using the crinone gel, is it best to have sex before or after insertion. and is there a recommended time frame before or after using to have sex... the things I am reading are not the same as to what I was told and..."
Nov 15, 2014
"I went to the dr yesterday and my dr had to change my medication due to the ins refuses to pay for the meds I had been on for the past 4 years. so now they put me on Letrozole my question is has anyone had issues or any success with this..."
Oct 25, 2014
"my last day of my period was on oct 19th. I have to skip my iui treatment this cycle due to being over stimulated last cycle. but for the past few days I have been extremely tired, dizzy every now and again, and today I have cramping tha..."
Oct 22, 2014
"I am 42 yes old and I got preg in 2012, we loss the preg at 7 weeks. I just ended my period on the 19th of Oct. We had sex on the 19th and 20th now I have boating,cramping as if my PMS week is here...I don't know if this is just my mind ..."
Oct 11, 2014
"I had my iui on oct 3rd, started to take the crinone with the estrace... then on 10/9/14 I start to feel like I am starting to get a yeast infection so I start with the cranberry juice, I wake up today and I have so much discomfort I can..."
Aug 10, 2014
"when you feel the time is right!! there is no wrong or right time it is up to the couple or individual to make that choice.... Congrats on the marriage and good luck on extending your family... "