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Sep 09, 2009
"Okay so I had twins at the end of december and because I was nursing went on the single hormone pill. I had a lot of breakthrough bleeding which was quite annoying, after about three months of almost continuous spotting every other day I..."
Apr 16, 2009
"It has been over three months since my c-section and I still experience bleeding when I exert myself - am going to the doc tomorrow about it. I get a lot of painful cramping either before or after it happens - its never much nor lasts mo..."
Apr 13, 2009
"I love the cooing the smiling the way people stop and stare and say "twins??" watching Aiden kiss them & imitate me rocking them with his toy giraffe when I can figure out why they are crying and fix it the softness the smell wat..."
Apr 13, 2009
"Although my life is totally crazy right now with three children under the age of three I still can't totally shut out the possibility of more - well maybe just one more hopefully a little girl. Hubby says we are done totally but I guess ..."
Apr 13, 2009
"Sounds so strange to be adding in my boys who seem so old in comparison to everyone but oh well. Alex and Ethan are almost three and a half months old. At their two month appt. they did get their shots and weighed 10lbs 6oz and 10 lbs 1..."
Apr 13, 2009
"I switched my boys from emfamil to similac soy because they would always get fussy and uncomfortable about an hour after eating and were only sleeping about 20-40 minutes at a time. I did this without consulting my pediatrician but I am ..."
Mar 11, 2009
"Hey there, boy do I remember that pain - it was the worst at times and unfortunately there was nothing that could be done for it. I did find this lotion that was similar to icy hot and put that on occassionally and it did provide some re..."
Mar 11, 2009
"Just wanted to say hello and thank pookie for inviting me to join. My screen name is Sadiesmommy and I am 29 yrs old from the western new york area. I have been married to my husband for 4.5 years. I currently have a ten yr old step son ..."
Feb 02, 2009
"Alexander & Ethan December 30th at 8:22am & 8:23am (water broke at 5:35am, had c-section) Both weighed 5 pounds 15 ounces Alex was 19 inches and Ethan was 18.5 inches Sorry I don't remember their head circumference Alex and mommy ..."
Jan 21, 2009
"Glad to see you reaching out!!!!!!"