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Haha... Yes, die hard Dodger fan since I was a kiddo. The Giants aka "the hated ones"... Grrrr :)
Here's the link to the football pool in case your new and don't know how to get there
Oh yeah....if you dont go to the "social" side of the forum....and your new, just wanted to let you know there is a football pool over there. Its tons of fun and ran by the wonderful IBKleen. Get your picks in now! And for me.....tomorrow will mark 4 years 7 months clean and serene.
Hey everybody! Its that time again! This year is sure flying by. Its already September! So we are. This thread is a place where you can post your clean time or just introduce yourself. You do not have to be clean to post here. If your "lurking" take this as an opportunity to introduce yourself. If you have some clean time, post it so ...
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Aug 31, 2014 in the Addiction: Substance Abuse Community - 8
Being depressed after a couple months clean is very normal. VERY normal. Depression and anxiety can last a long time. 6 months...2 varies. Like the above said, he needs to be proactive in his recovery. Recovery is taking care of his mental health too...seeing a therapist, psychologist/psychiatrist, etc. The brain needs time to heal. If he lives w...
Aug 27, 2014 in the Addiction: Substance Abuse Community - 4
I cant really comment on that prescription stuff...but the OTC stuff like the Kava and other natural stuff should help. And keep in mind, I cant comment on the prescription stuff on whether you should use it or not because I'm not a doctor and dont know your health history...ect. Basically, its against the forum rules. Anyways, Ive been clean from a ...
Aug 18, 2014 in the Addiction: Substance Abuse Community - 27
Congrats on the 30 days!
Aug 17, 2014 in the Addiction: Substance Abuse Community - 1
First, congrats on getting to day 9. Your through the worst of it. In terms of your question about how long before you will feel good again, well it differs for everybody. There's really no time table that anyone can give however you should improve everyday. I think your not eating is playing a part in how you feel. You are depleted right now and withdra...