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Jun 30, 2013 in the Cancer Community - 1
Jun 29, 2013 in the Cancer Community - 1
What is with doctors who seem to think that very sick people are at there best. Yes he is in a bad mood and is short with his answers. Yes he don't want to be told to shut up and tell the doctor he is not hearing the problem and DOCTORS are not GOD THAT JUST CAN READ THE PATIENTS MINDS. Four area doctors now feel that way! Mexico doctors are so much bet...
Jan 31, 2013 in the Anxiety Community - 3
Sounds like anxiety or panic but to be sure have a doctor check you out. There are medical problems that can cause a fast heart beat also.
Personalty I feel that I too would like some one who understands my "craziness" as my doctor (a GP) and my husband has only read about the problem. Oh yes they are helpful in a way but.....
I have been on carbemazepine for a year and a half. The meds are working but I have cut the day time pills to two, night to two also. The doctor wanted me to work up to five in the morning and at night but I need to drive. I need to say doctor is a GP there are NO mental health doctors in the area.
What are the drugs "carbamazepine" and "lamotrigine" for? My doctor wants me to take them. The "carbamazepine" makes me not be able to walk straight,, dizzy, fuzzy thinking. Is this normal? I am a over 70 years old. FORTEWHO2
I didn't even know I was BPD until I was 70 !. Up until about 20 years ago all BPD was classed as untreatable so it was treated like bi polar. I was in this class of untreatable patients. I was put on all the bi polar meds one at a time and of course they didn't work. As I now understand we must, live and learn to continue to learn all our lives to...
Nov 24, 2012 in the Bipolar Disorder Community - 7
Where do we post where we are feeling better (more like "normal"), up, you know happy, up, looking forward to some thing special, etc. and not ask a question?
Nov 24, 2012 in the Bipolar Disorder Community - 7
This is the time of year that most people are feeling down--it is colder, darker, and the Holidays. How are you doing?
Parents are the cause of our problems. We were unable to learn to be social very young, and were the ones who didn't help us to learn how. I don't know the social rules, how to say the right things in the right way, etc. How do we learn as an senior person to be a four or five year old child? How many of you find that it is easier to just watch a g...