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Nov 01, 2012 in the Heart Rhythm Community - 3
Hi michellepetkus, firstly thanks for the reply, i wasn't sure if anyone would. Over the 17hrs i felt a coming and going of palpitations, sometimes weren't to bad other times like something wanted to get out my chest as if running a marathon. I'm pretty sure my heart rate was high even tho i wasn't doing anything. Well, I'm wea...
Oct 31, 2012 in the Heart Rhythm Community - 3
Hi all, I'm a fit male, 28years and work for a Defence Force. I have regular medicals, and am in good shape. What I'd like to know is if i have a heart issue, some advice, what to expect, and will it effect my job and career? I'm fairly worried on what the outcome could be. For some history I'll start from the start. Around 2 y...