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Nov 08, 2012
"Tom, you've described it all really well. I'm 3 weeks post ablation, Jackie. Wishing you all the best. "
Nov 04, 2012
"Looking back, chest pain in my mid teens was the first symptom that i remeber of my Wolff Parkinson White syndrome. My Dad took me to a Dr who said it was growing pains. Throughout my adult life i had symptoms including dizziness that w..."
Nov 01, 2012
"Thank you both. Your replies are helpful. I am going to try and get copies of my cardiology note so that I have a better understanding of my condition. I don't even know how many burns my ablation took, or much about my accessory path..."
Oct 31, 2012
"I was told that this would happen after ablation and at first my heart felt very strange. Now I get a few odd beats a day, which I'm assuming are PACs and PVCs, though I've never identified my irregular heartbeats. How do people know ..."
Oct 31, 2012
"I agree with Michelle. I think you need to think that it is right for you. And how you feel about it is telling. I was offered an ablation 6 years ago but at that time I was more anxious about the ablation process and accompanying risks..."
Oct 28, 2012
"Me too. I'm glad. I wouldn't want any extra wounds."
Oct 27, 2012
"If you are interested there is a comparison study here."
Oct 27, 2012
"The retrograde approach is when they go around through an artery to the left side of your heart rather than going through the wall that separates the left and right atrium."
Oct 26, 2012
"I meanWPW-my brain is a bit scrambled at the moment : )"
Oct 26, 2012
"Even if you did have WPS it is not so bad. I had WPS for 57 years and mostly it was just a nuisance. The great thing with WPS is that in many cases it can be fixed by ablation."