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Jun 11, 2014 in the Depression Community - 3
Are you seeing a therapist for your depression ..You do say that you have a doctor, but I am wondering if you are working on your depression with or without the medication. I have not ever taken Prozac or Adavan so can't comment on that, wishing you the very best with your journey. M
May 27, 2014 in the Cats Community - 4
Take that baby to a vet. Trying to medicate animals with no knowledge of doses or animal illnesses is very very dangerous. M
May 27, 2014 in the Depression Community - 3
The person who needs to care about you is the person who wrote this post to MedHelp. If you do not have a therapist or counselor, please look online for a therapist who specializes in depression in your area. Some have a sliding fee based on your income or circumstances, some take insurance if you happen to have it. I am a big fan of group therapy, with g...
May 26, 2014 in the Depression Community - 7
Nursegirl6572, that is an excellent reply to the posters question. My brother is mentally ill and very very depressed, he has always said no to help, but in January he fell and was taken to a hospital where cancer was found. He had no choice of nursing home coming off the street, but the first facility that had a bed open was given to him and he has been th...
I too have PTSD since childhood and it never totally goes away, when we use recovery tools given to us in therapy, the symptoms are managed, but as stress rises and we forget to use our tools, many symptoms sneak back in our lives....You need to tell your therapist what is going on and the 2 of you can discuss either new tools to use or upgrading or increasin...
I am so sad and sorry to read of what happened to your family...My condolences to you M
May 05, 2014 in the Cats Community - 2
there are a lot of people here who know cat care better then me, but my kitty is allergic to fleas, and they will bite her and then she scratches so bad that the sores get infected. I am really surprised that the vet did not go further into the care that your kit must start receiving. First I had to get rid of all the fleas on her and in my house. Dai...
May 05, 2014 in the Depression Community - 5
I can relate to this thread very well. I too have spine arthritis and after 3 failed back surgeries with Rods and Screws, was told that there was nothing the medical community could do for me and all I could hope for was the rest of my life in a wheel chair. I am 3 years post surgery and have found in my research the very strong correlations between pain ...
Apr 14, 2014 in the Addiction: Social Community - 2
There are some awesome Youtubes for meditation and for relaxing...Some are 1 and 3 hours long, and can be used to either relax before sleep or deepen your meditation during the daytime. Just type in meditation music and give a listen....Some are very beautiful with flutes, nature sounds, rain, and even frogs croaking in the background.... M
Apr 14, 2014 in the Depression Community - 2
Divorce is tough....My condolences to you. I do hope that you have set up some appointments with a therapist or your doctor to talk about your feelings, this is a very important time in your life and any help you can get will help you transistion this easier... Good luck to you M