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Nov 25, 2013 in the Hepatitis C Community - 90
Folks like HectorSF and mikesimon give eternal hope and meaning to life and living... and believing in miracles... Truly a time of Thanksgiving. With love and all my best to Howie, Michael, and the community at large, ~eureka
Feb 22, 2013 in the Hepatitis C Community - 50
You received good advice from the great people here... I hope you find the support and impetus you need to help yourself and your husband make some forward movement in your lives. Whatever the two of you have to do... you have your children to think about, and hopefully your husband will find the strength and courage within himself to care about them, you, a...
Feb 09, 2013 in the Hepatitis Social Community - 3
Small flakes started falling about 7am Friday morning 2/8, started accumulating about noontime. The Governor declared a state of emergency, closed the state highways, and everyone hunkered down. When all was said and done, the snow finally stopped this morning and the sun shone through finally at about 9am. The conditions overnight were appropriately call...
Feb 03, 2013 in the Hepatitis C Community - 26
I'm sorry to read about your sister's condition, and my heart goes out to you and your family. Death and dying are not easy topics to discuss, but I can well understand you wanting to help your sister with answers. Liver decompensation does not follow a single pathway in causing death -- different people have different symptoms; for some the journ...
Jan 17, 2013 in the Hepatitis Social Community - 26
It's been a long time since I've posted as well, and it's very nice to see you doing and feeling well. I'll refrain from asking exactly what athletic activities you are enjoying this New Year and just wish you a happy one.
Jan 17, 2013 in the Hepatitis Social Community - 23
Two down, one to go... congratulations, so great to hear that you are SVR! Thank you for the update, robo, and do keep us posted... you are on your way to talking all three of the Triple H's down to the ground. You endured the losses and came out healthier, wealthier and wiser :). Best wishes. ~eureka
Jan 17, 2013 in the Hepatitis Social Community - 18
Yes, Jilly. In fact, even folks that don't log in and post scroll to look for his name :). ~eureka
Jan 17, 2013 in the Hepatitis Social Community - 35
Through the first happy tears I've had in a year, I wanted to be the first to say congratulations...!!! Thank you, Kathy, for a truly joyous moment. Feeling celebratory for the first time in a long time. :) ~eureka
Education. History. Balance. Honesty. Compassion. Understanding. I'm not sure if they all mean the same thing to different people, but I think that's what this forum is supposed to be about. Certainly we all come from a different place and have differing opinions, but respecting where everyone's viewpoints come in is a two-way street. L...
Feb 15, 2012 in the Hepatitis C Community - 19
Thank you so much for coming back to update on your husband's situation!!! I know what it's like going through the anemia, the episodes of encephalopathy... but you both made it through, and what WONDERFUL, terrific news, that he remains UNDETECTED !!! Oh, glory be to miracles... words cannot begin to express how happy I am for you and your husb...