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Oct 25, 2012
"So today is my first true day, of having nothing. Which already *****. I'm tired, my body isn't aching yet, but I know that will come. I think the withdrawl pain scares me more then anything else. I am so ready to do this, but I feel the..."
Oct 24, 2012
"Oh I have so been there! I have relapsed many times, and I have experienced this. You feel awful, you see almost all the hurt or discomfort you have caused around you, you feel guilty, and blame yourself for many things. At least that is..."
Oct 24, 2012
"Thank you for your words of wisdom I would love to have some kind of after care, but doing that is harder then it is for others. I live in a very small town, and there is nothing in the was of a outreach program, na, or counceling. So I ..."
Oct 23, 2012
"I am in the same boat. I am a pill popper, and mother of 4. I am weining down right now, and I have done this over and over. But for the first time, I am truly taking the steps to get clean. I smoke pot also, and feel as you do about it...."
Oct 22, 2012
"Thank you for posting your sobority days. I think that alot of us that are at the beginning of this journey seriously don't think they can do it, I know I am scared to death right now. But know someone sat where I am right now, and can..."
Oct 22, 2012
"I decided since i have 9.5 5/500 vicodin left, that I need to quit finally, and forever. I have been a pill addict for a long time, over 5+ years. I have gone through withdrawls many times, and the longest I have ever stayed clean is 3 ..."