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Nov 06, 2012
"Thank you everyone for your responses. I appreciate the feedback and reassurances. Unfortunately my liver couldn't handle the Rebif; I will be switching to Copaxone, and hopefully, getting off the Lyrica. Thanks again. "
Oct 30, 2012
"I was recently diagnosed with Clinicially Isolated Syndrome Tranverse Myelitis in July; my Neurologist has me noted as Multiple Sclerosis; I have one lesion at C2 in spine from MRI; small spot but numbness, tingling, and the 'Hug' were w..."
Oct 27, 2012
"Lumber Punctures aren't that bad; the hardest part is where they numb you up; it's like lidocaine, stings a bit. The needle is a small gauge, and I barely felt it. Really, all you may feel is a bit of pressure; just keep talking to the d..."
Oct 25, 2012
"Also: Could the SaranWrap have had something to do with this? "
Oct 25, 2012
"I am a 27 Year Old Female in Colorado, USA, that had my first set of symptoms with M.S. start June 3rd. I had, the previous evening, managed to follow the stupid-prank advice of a coworker, saying I could cure hives and itchy skin aroun..."