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Jan 24, 2013
"My doctor told me not to lift more than 30 pounds..."
Nov 17, 2012
"If you were that early in pregnancy, you should have your Dr check your levels for a couple Weeks to see if they go down on there own. That early you should be able to miscarry naturally and not have to go through that procedure which co..."
Nov 16, 2012
"Actually it really depends on the the person. Everybodys body works, responds, and heals differently. This is a site for us to help each other and give support, not argue. :( With that being said, what I have learned from very extens..."
Nov 11, 2012
"It really varies... Some people ovulate right after a MC and they return to having normal cycles right away, but for others it may take a while. I had a natural miscarriage at 5 Weeks a little over 8 Weeks ago, and I still have not had a..."
Nov 11, 2012
"Thank you! And I am VERY sorry to hear about your losses! I wish you all the best! I can tell from your post that you have a very big heart! I think that now that I have found natural ways to help me, I will be able to reduce my stre..."
Nov 10, 2012
"Wow! That does look VERY promising! Thank you soooooo much! I think you have just restored some hope in me! :) I will be ordering it very soon! Thanks again!"
Nov 10, 2012
"Thank you! I will check it out! "
Nov 10, 2012
"I meant intrest, not unrest. Sorry!"
Nov 10, 2012
"This could be Duane syndrome. I know it sounds scary, but it's not! I was diagnosed with this when I was young. It was explained to be as a muscle weakness in the eye. You can google it to get more info, but other than my left eye not mo..."
Nov 09, 2012
"I have tried all of those things! :( I haven't had a regular cycle since my first one at 14...I have had test after test with 2 different doctors and all they keeps saying is that everything looks normal. I am really set on believing tha..."