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Nov 19, 2012
"Maybe running isn't your thing Miranda, I certainly know it isn't mine. Find something fun to do that burns calories, it may take longer to see and feel the difference but it will make a HUGE difference. I took up poi spinning with the i..."
Nov 14, 2012
"Gather up your important papers, pack a few changes of clothes (keep it light) and leave. Walk out the door. If you have a car (in your name) take it and pack it with as much of your stuff as you can when he's gone, if you don't-- lea..."
Nov 13, 2012
"Ten stone is in the high side of the average BMI group (around 22 I think.) 126 will put you a little lower and is more realistic. Less than that and you'll actually end up underweight (going by BMI alone, everyone is a little different...."
Nov 13, 2012
"Have you tried poi spinning? Sock poi are pretty inexpensive (you can even make them yourself) and just standing and practicing spins will get your heart rate going in a short amount of time, and there are ton of moves you can do with th..."
Nov 13, 2012
"You might not be getting everything you need from your diet. I am the same age and found myself gaining weight because I was low on iron/anemic and losing muscle (which burns calories faster than fat.) Since I started taking iron and mak..."