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Apr 03, 2011
"Sounds like is time for a neurologist visit !!!!!!!!!"
Jun 22, 2009
"Getting stories from other patients,men,women,couples and families,can give soul straight to see life with positive way to recharge our spirit,our society is full with positive,neutral,negative issues,but only God provide us with the ..."
Feb 18, 2009
"Tim, There are many types of adult-onset acquired nystagmus. These are often associated with oscillopsia (the experience of the world 'wiggling'), poor vision, and loss of balance. Often acquired nystagmus is a result of neurological pr..."
Feb 18, 2009
"yes Tim,I had the same issues like yours.Ask your Neuro or OPT ,for any OCT,VRT medical device, scans for your vision.Might bring to your attention, The Nystagmus issues(?) ,and any medications you have to take.,and yes,Don't worry, ok?? "
Jan 02, 2009
"Big GIGANTIC THANK YOU for your online assistance help.We need each other against MS . Kudos !!! Don. "
Jan 02, 2009
"happy New Year to all.. Yes,we have MS but we try every day, MS not to have US.So lets enjoy a healthy 2009 and plenty Vitamin D normal levels :) Don ****** "
Nov 18, 2008
"Show my nero yesterday,told me taking NAMENDA or ARICEPT and NEURONTIN can help the NYSTAGMUS vision symptoms daily use ... So 3-4 more pills every day ,just to have a better vision..... ok. Don "
Oct 22, 2008
"BOTOX helped me with Nystagmus for one to two weeks , and then came back.I Have to take another shots for BOTOX . No worries for the pain with the BOTOX. They using liquid for the pain around the eye area , and no pain at all. Don "
Sep 24, 2008
"All, I will keep you post in with the latest .For now Day 6 , My nystagmus still there,but less and less of the continues vision movement .Suppose to see big changes 1 week later.I have only some dizzy feeling for now,but day by day Fee..."
Sep 23, 2008
"I tried a clinical trial of Botox with 2 shots per eye ,and no pain at all. I just had a strong headacke for a few days . Don. "