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Sep 08, 2009
"My husband and I started trying to get pregnant last month. About 1.5 weeks after my last period began we started having sex every day. About a week after we began the "baby making process" my boobs got really big and my nipples were cha..."
Oct 23, 2008
"How do I find a group? I searched online for about twenty minutes and I couldn't find a group even remotely close to where I live. Also thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. "
Oct 22, 2008
"Thank you for the advice. I do appreciate it, but I really would like to try and fix this on my own without going to a doctor. Also why would I need an antideppressant?? I don't think I'm depressed. I mean other than being overly paranoi..."
Oct 21, 2008
"I've always been a very healthy person. I grew up eating whatever I wanted while maintaining my weight by dancing, tumbling, and aerobics. I generally was always around 125 pounds. I quit dancing and tumbling once I got married at the ag..."
Sep 30, 2008
"You really need to take her to the vet, so many things pop into my mind as a possibility. It could be something as little as stress that is making her pant constantly and hide. Dogs can get stressed over so many things from being left al..."
Sep 30, 2008
"My Husky/Shepherd recently started having red spots show up on his back feet and legs. They were red and bare for about a week. We had been on Vacation and took him with us to see my inlaws so we assumed that had something to do with it..."
Sep 29, 2008
"I was going to take him to the vet today, but when I went outside this morning his spots looked like they were scabbing over and it even looked like there was a little fur starting to grow back. I called the vet anyway and they said that..."
Sep 26, 2008
"Da Vinci my 9 month old Husky Shepherd has these bare reddish spots appear on his two back feet, and two spots right next to eachother on the inside of one of his back legs. ( There are about four or five dime and nickle size spots on ea..."
Jun 02, 2008
"My 5 and a half/ 6 month old White shepherd husky mix started shedding his winter coat last month. I noticed this month although he's been solid white ever since we got him except for the blonde on the back of his ears he has gotten a fe..."
Jun 02, 2008
"Although it probably was a concussion, the fact that your puppy got noticeably better that quickly is a good sign. It was good as well that you stayed for a long period afterwords to make sure he was alright. You speak of the breeder lik..."