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Oct 01, 2014
"So it has been basically a year and a half since my surgery and for a little over a month now I have been experiencing moderate-severe headaches a few times a week and now they are at the back of my head again. And now I'm getting sharp ..."
May 08, 2013
"i had my decompression surgery march 13, 2013. they took out my c1 and some bone from my skull and put in a cadaver patch. my question is, though im feeling great, are there activities i need to avoid from now on? i got the ok to run so ..."
Apr 01, 2013
"This started a few days ago. I've tried everything and thought maybe I had sprained the tips of these two fingers, but they aren't swollen. The pain is like a throbbing/sharp feeling. I don't know if it has anything to do with my decompr..."
Mar 16, 2013
"Thank you all for the well wishes and prayers. Everything went swimmingly!"
Mar 06, 2013
"my treasure this week is getting to see my little brother and sister this sunday. probably the last time i get to romp around with them for a while. molly is 6 and has ACM1, syrinx, scoliosis, mental health probs (ptsd, early onset bipol..."
Mar 06, 2013
"i kinda get that but its more of a hot flash like, the feeling when you have a high fever. but it only comes when i have my period. my symptoms all seem to flare pretty high when i get my period"
Mar 05, 2013
"sending good thoughts your way sweetie!"
Mar 05, 2013
"i cant take aspirin because i have surgery next wednesday and my nl said no caffeine"
Mar 05, 2013
"these cramps are killing me and i cant take aspirin, i cant have caffeine either. so what do i do? what can help?"
Mar 04, 2013
"it does stink! i have the opposite problem in the shower. the water has to be BLAZING for me to even feel it be luke warm. only reason i know its that hot because of how red my skin gets afterwards and because its up almost all the ways lol"