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Nov 18, 2015 in the Dogs Community - 3
Your welcome....Thank you for coming back to let us know...Have a wonderful Thanksgiving....
Nov 17, 2015 in the Dogs Community - 2
Maggie--Your dog needs to see it's Vet ASAP....We have no way to diagnose him....It does sound like he's very ill & you must hurry...Make the call today....
Nov 17, 2015 in the Dogs Community - 3
Welcome....There are many illnesses that affect puppies....Some are serious.... We cannot diagnose her over the internet....Dehydration alone is very dangerous...Is she drinking water??? I would be very worried, too....Please get her to her Vet ASAP.....She's depending on you to get her the help she needs....Please, come back & let us know..... ...
Nov 09, 2015 in the Dogs Community - 1
Please join our Kidney Failure group....It's on this page to the right>>> Hit the "groups" button, then click in the Chronic Kidney Failure link.... There is a world of information over there...The forum leader will help you with all your questions....Good luck
Nov 09, 2015 in the Dogs Community - 13
Welcome...What size dog & how much fat??? My first thought is Pancreatitis which is very painful and must be treated by your Vet, for the best outcome.... If it continues tomorrow, call your Vet for an appointment.....Pancreatitis can be fatal if left untreated.... Let us know what happens, please....Thanks
Nov 09, 2015 in the Dogs Community - 1
Welcome...Not eating or drinking is very dangerous for such a small dog....The congestion needs to be evaluated by your Vet ASAP....Yes, it could be serious.... There are many things this could be, but impossible to diagnose over the internet.... Make an appointment for your girl to see her Vet.....Please come back & let us know what you find out......
Nov 08, 2015 in the Dogs Community - 4
Please, don't let him suffer any longer....Get him some help!! He is depending on YOU!!!! Call your Vet and make an appointment!!!
Oct 30, 2015 in the Dogs Community - 6
Is there anything else on the bloodwork that if off, other than the anemia???? DO you have a copy of it?? If not, you need to get one for your files.... What does this dog eat, including snacks???? Thanks
Oct 12, 2015 in the Dogs Community - 6
Please join our Kidney Disease group...Over to the right>>>>on this page there is a Related Forums box..Click on groups...It will give you some choices...You want the Kidney group...They are a wonderful bunch over there and the forum leader is incredible in knowledge....Please go over, they will answer your questions.....Bless you and your little...
Sep 28, 2015 in the Dogs Community - 2
Hi Chelleb---Sounds like she has injured her back.....If it's a herniated disk, it is at risk of rupture....Normally happens when jumping off of furniture over a period of time.....She needs to be crated, only carried out to potty & back in until you can see your Vet....She will be given medications and possible crate rest until it heals....If it rup...