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Jun 18, 2015 in the Dogs Community - 20
Try feeding in a crate, in another room, away from all other dogs AND humans.....No one around or watching!!! See if it makes a difference....
Jun 18, 2015 in the Dogs Community - 20
Hi Margot--Tell your daughter "Thank You" for helping this precious dog....More people need to step up to help the homeless animals....Rescue groups always struggle because very few people are willing to help! Does the dog look over it's shoulder when it's trying to eat? Like something is sneaking up from behind?? What are the symptoms ...
Jun 18, 2015 in the Dogs Community - 4
Oh Jan, I'm so sorry to read this about your Mr. B.....God bless you for taking such good care of this little one....I know he was grateful for the LOVE & knows how lucky he was to have a momma like you!!! My heart breaks for you & your family....Your in my prayers...."Run Free Mr. Benson".....Karla
Jun 12, 2015 in the Dogs Community - 2
Welcome.....Do you have ticks in your area? Also, is this dog able to roam an area that would have ponds, waterways, creeks, etc.?? What is his surroundings outside?? What other antibiotics was he given besides the Metronidazole? The name?? Has he been vaccinated & when? ALso, what are you feeding him??? Thanks
Jun 11, 2015 in the Dogs Community - 9
There are low cost spay neuter clinics all over this country.....Call your local Humane society or SPCA...They will direct you to one....In my area (Oklahoma) you can get a spay/neuter for $25....All vaccines are $5.... Many places are doing it for free....Please, call around and find out.....If you ever visited a shelter on a Friday & watch all the d...
Jun 04, 2015 in the Dogs Community - 2
Welcome....You need to call your Vet to make sure....It's possible, she cannot birth these babies and needs a C-Section.....Do not wait any longer...Better safe than sorry....Let us know what her Vet says.....Thank You
Jun 02, 2015 in the Dogs Community - 2
Please, let us know what the Vet says & we'll go from there....There will be clues on his full blood panel & exam.....There's many things this could be.....Otherwise, it's just a guess & wouldn't be fair.....Again, let us know.....Thanks
Jun 02, 2015 in the Dogs Community - 3
The sooner you get him to a Vet, the better the outcome.....Everything I can think of is treatable if caught early...You need to head that way! Please come back & let us know how he is...Don't wait any longer.....
Jun 01, 2015 in the Dogs Community - 7
P.S. How old is Mr. Benson???? Did I miss that???
Jun 01, 2015 in the Dogs Community - 7
My goodness, Thank You Jan.....My Honest Kitchen order arrived today! Has been detained due to all the floods in our area....It's finally here....I think Cindy is a Maltese/Yorkie, also..... She was found abandoned in a cemetery, living on her own...A gentleman grabbed her when she was trying to cross a major highway in the area....He must have made h...