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May 22, 2015 in the Dogs Community - 2
Please, get you puppy on some real food for dogs.....This diet your feeding is not only unfair for him, but very unhealthy.....Growing puppies need proper nutrition....Milk can cause digestive upset in most dogs!!!! This situation should have been thought out properly before you got a puppy.....Just because you are vegetarian, does not mean your dog is!!!...
May 19, 2015 in the Dogs Community - 21
May 19, 2015 in the Dogs Community - 21
Hi Tony~~"Honest Kitchen" makes NO dry foods.....These are all premixes that must have water (Or their goats milk) added to them.....Are we talking about the same company??? For others: You can actually purchase Samples of any of their line; to try before buying a large amount....Sure makes it nice!! Their newest (And most affordable) one "R...
May 19, 2015 in the Dogs Community - 74
Welcome to the forum--I'm sorry to hear about your baby....It's very unusual for such a young dog to be in Kidney failure without a cause.....Did they test her for anything? The top known causes are poisoning, Lepto, Kidney/Bladder Infection, Stones &/or tick diseases...Was she tested for any of these??? The collapsing sounds odd to me!!! We...
May 18, 2015 in the Dogs Community - 21
P.S. We LOVE Honest Kitchen here, too!!!
May 18, 2015 in the Dogs Community - 21
Oh!! Thank you Todd for the update......Sounds very promising & I'm delighted for you.....Will be looking forward to more.....Bless you too & enjoy your puppy.....Karla
May 13, 2015 in the Dogs Community - 8
Do you have a Veterinary Teaching Hospital anywhere around you?? If will be on a university campus!!! I wouldn't stick with one Vet on this....Find another for a second opinion....Make sure you have ALL copies of the previous test results, so you do not have to pay for more of the same tests at a different clinic.... Please, com back & let us ...
May 13, 2015 in the Dogs Community - 8
I have seen this before...It was not any of my own dogs, but I was at a Vets office and overheard it.....As I recall, it was a fungal infection started by thorns from either a rose bush or blackberry bush....That's what the Vet said..... I do not know what the treatment was, I'm sorry.... What does your Yorkie eat, including treats????
May 13, 2015 in the Dogs Community - 5
If she is still breathing, then she is still alive.....When you chose to take on a new life, you chose to be responsible for it!! Your job as a pet owner is to take care of her needs, not matter what they are.....Do not waste any more precious time searching for answers on the internet.... She is in serious trouble & I feel you already know this or you...
May 12, 2015 in the Dogs Community - 3
Your Vet should know better!!! When was her last rabies vaccine??? Did she get the one year or the 3 year????What are your state laws on Rabies vaccines? Each state is different....Let us know.....Thanks