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15 hours in the Dogs Community - 2
Is this a puppy? We need more information...Thanks, Karla
15 hours in the Dogs Community - 3
Is he holding the leg up or is he actually dragging the leg? Here's what to do: Stand him up on all four legs...Turn the bad foot under where he's standing on top of the paw....See if he can flip it back to the correct position.....If not: Read further..... This sounds like a disk injury to me......Google IVDD (Intervertabral Disk Disease) and rea...
15 hours in the Dogs Community - 1
I would be worried, too! Labored breathing on it's own, is an emergency.....In a 9 year old, it would be impossible for us to guess what may be going on. Depending on when his last checkup & senior bloodwork was done, it could be many, many things that only your Vet can diagnose..... Please, You need to get him to your Vet tomorrow at the lates...
Apr 17, 2014 in the Dogs Community - 11
Welcome....I too, am sorry about your Oliver...You've done a wonderful job with him! I have a dog named Oliver, (A small white Poodle). He's actually "The Spawn of Satan!", but we have learned to deal w/it! Never seen a dog this mean, but would never rehome him (Or any other) for any reason! He's mine till death, so to speak! I&#...
Apr 07, 2014 in the Dogs Community - 229
Hello giapattyjoey--- I've read through this and have a few questions that I'm missing...... Why did your Vet think poisoning? Is there any ataxia going on? What leg is being help up? Was blood work done? Next: Most often phenobarbital is used to suppress epileptic seizures (i.e., seizures for which a cause has not been identified) but ph...
Apr 07, 2014 in the Dogs Community - 2
Hello Sherbear.....You have an emergency on your hands! You are wasting valuable time looking for answers on the internet. We on a public forum cannot diagnose your dog. You must seek help for her (At her Vet) quickly! Make the call, now.....She's depending on you! Please, let us know what you find out....Karla
Apr 06, 2014 in the Dogs Community Best Answer - 7
I found this article which is kinda similar:,409,415,416,439&step=res&type=or&Id=1088,1092,1102,1104,1154
Apr 05, 2014 in the Dogs Community - 5
This is the first page of a 4 page series....Probably better to skip over to the last 1-2 pages......I can find more if you like....There is a world of info. in this one.....
Apr 05, 2014 in the Dogs Community - 5
Hello & welcome to the forum----Most KD parents do their own sub-q fluids at home to increase quality of life....Let me go find you some links for you......Karla
Apr 03, 2014 in the Dogs Community - 636
Good luck tomorrow.....We're praying for you & Sammie! Karla