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Sep 15, 2014 in the Dogs Community - 2
Welcome to the forum....Large consumption of water is a red flag.....Seizures are extremely dangerous..... At the minimum--She needs a complete blood panel run.....There will be many clues on this one test alone.....From Diabetes to others..... If the seizures are organ, poison or bacterial related, they too will show up on the same bloodtest..... Yo...
Sep 15, 2014 in the Dogs Community - 1
Welcome.....This is too vague & could be any number of things.....Impossible to tell on a public forum! She needs to be examined by your Vet. Personally, I would have her teeth checked...If she has not had a dental lately, then it's probably teeth related..... If there is infection, antibiotics are given, but the teeth will need cleaned and any...
Sep 15, 2014 in the Dogs Community - 1
Kennel cough??? Very contagious & is passed around easily....Google it & see if it fits......Karla
Sep 13, 2014 in the Dogs Community - 1
Hello Kim-----My first thought is Mange....Around the eyes is very common......I'm late on this I see, but if you have not already, have your Vet do a skin scrape....Treatments are different depending on what type......Let us know what you find out.....Thanks, Karla
Sep 10, 2014 in the Dogs Community - 5
Your welcome & good luck...Enjoy your girl...She will be back to normal in no time!!! :) Karla
Sep 08, 2014 in the Dogs Community - 5
What you describe is normal.....Ginger's correct--Yellow or green discharge is abnormal....DO NOT let this puppy play...Get him a crate if you must!!! He needs cage rest to let this heal....Good luck, Karla
Sep 08, 2014 in the Dogs Community - 3
Welcome...First, let me tell you how sorry I am for your loss....It's hard enough to loose an older one, much less one so young...My heart goes out to you! Neutering is a fairly simple procedure....Yes, sometimes complications arise, but it's usually from an underlying illness....There's something very wrong here! The reason the pre-op blood...
Sep 08, 2014 in the Dogs Community - 7
Hello Rosie's mom....Kudos to you for taking such good care of this girl!!! How old is Rosie?? I've lived through this & I have a few pointers: I don't know what your discharge orders are, but you must follow to a tee! Hopefully, she is on a good pain regimen....If not, go back...Keeping her pain under control is vital!!! The look you...
Sep 08, 2014 in the Dogs Community - 3
Any photos????
Sep 08, 2014 in the Dogs Community - 2
Has she had a Complete blood panel to look for underlying conditions? I'd start there....Have you tried to homecook some soft meals or are you trying to only feed kibble??? I also agree w/lindapalm, teeth are always a factor & can be extremely painful w/symptoms like arthrititis.....Let us know