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Jan 12, 2015 in the Dogs Community - 5
Wow!! So glad this turned out well....Great job!!! If you find she won't eat the presciption diet for Pancreatitis, there is another (Much healthier) food, extremely low in fat, that can be used as a replacement....I have only found one, however, the ingredients are exceptional compared to the prescription one, which is not so good..... Glad you were ...
Jan 10, 2015 in the Dogs Community - 4
Welcome..How old is this girl & how long have you had her??
Jan 09, 2015 in the Dogs Community - 13
P.S. Laser Treatments work beautifully, also!!! Forgot to add that!!! Karla
Jan 09, 2015 in the Dogs Community - 14
1/2 Cup (Twice a day) of any good brand of dogfood (Like Wellness) is plenty for a 15 lb. dog.....It actually, may be too much!! You'll have to base that on his waist line in the future..... Requirements for rescues & shelters: Basic would be Rabies Vaccine AND a Spay/Neuter (This is the law) Other services provided through rescues would be al...
Jan 09, 2015 in the Dogs Community - 3
Welcome to the forum......I have a wonderful Holistic Vet who always chooses natural/herbal or Chinese Medicine as his first line of defense....However, for controlling pain, he always reaches for traditional/Standard Western Anti-inflammatories & Pain killers/ medicine....He is very strict when it comes to pain control..... That said, your only line o...
Jan 09, 2015 in the Dogs Community - 13
Hello ZS.... Welcome to the forum....My guy is post surgery 6 years....We never did use the steroids...Rimadyl is an older class of anti-inflammatory.....There are new better ones....It's also dangerous and CANNOT be used with Steroids.... The supplements we have always used: Phycox Chews--Joint Supplement--Small Bites..I buy mine from "Entirely...
Jan 09, 2015 in the Dogs Community - 14
Jerry~~ The Shelter Policies Or Any Rescue's policies should be very cut & dry and already of paper....Each should state what medical has been done.... Adoption fees should already be stated, also.... A City Shelter normally does nothing...There are just too many animals, so it's not possible....The will however, reimburse you whatever fee t...
Jan 03, 2015 in the Dogs Community - 47
Here's a very good link about vaccines and reactions.....This one is Rabies in particular!!
Dec 30, 2014 in the Dogs Community - 1
Here is our best thread to answer your questions....It's lengthy, (2 pages, I believe) but full of valuable information.....Here's the link:
Dec 30, 2014 in the Dogs Community - 3
Welcome to the forum....You don't say how long you have had them.......You already sound frustrated, so I hope you have had them a good length of time..... LoveMyBostons is spot on.......These dogs have more than likely been locked in cages and had no choice of where to potty.....They know no different....This was how they were raised for 6 years!!!! ...