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May 22, 2013
"I have two children, one is 18 one is 5. Both pregnancys were very hard. if you have a specific question about something you ar going through just friend me and send me a message. I am here for you if you need support. hope to hear f..."
May 22, 2013
"I have two childrem pretty far apart. my first I had a 17 and my second at 30. I went through a lot with both of them. If you would lke to know then friend me and send me a message asking me whatever you want. I think it sounds real..."
May 22, 2013
"Hi, I hope you are doing ok. My problem was with everyone too when I was growing up. Tried to commit suicide when I was 7. I am not going to write a big thing here. But, I know what it is like being in a crazy family and feeling your..."
May 22, 2013
"they are not allowed to tell your parents, but unless it is through school you would have to pay and your parents have to give consent for insurance. Also, your parents have to give consent for any medication you may need. If I can ask..."
Apr 11, 2013
"Yeah, thanks. It just really threw me for a loop. I do have all the appointments in place for the ent and the melatonin is getting him to sleep but not helping with the anger yet. But, at least he is getting more sleep. The problem w..."
Apr 04, 2013
"My son has had anger problems since he was three. He hit everyone, classmates, family, me. He is still hitting classmates and recently has started hitting me again. He has been seeing a psychologist since January. I thought things we..."
Mar 12, 2013
"I have an appt. this thurs. Thought I would let you know. I will also let you know what happens. I am just sick of lumps. I have had 7 lumps on different parts of my body since I was 13, that's 23 years. I just hate that they keep p..."
Mar 05, 2013
"Thank you very much. I will make an appointment and keep you informed."
Mar 05, 2013
"Hi Eddie. I would say that almost 98% of the time when I get prodrome it's about 6hrs.-1 day before my migraine. I am on beta-blockers to make it less likely that I will have one, but of course nothing works all the time and I still ge..."
Mar 03, 2013
"I am new to the whole prodrome thing. I noticed it on my migraine tracker so I looked it up. I realized that I do experiance them. My question is, is there anything you can do when you notice a prodrome to stop the headache from comin..."