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Apr 05, 2008 in the Teen Health Community - 2
I agree with april.. if you don't want to go to your regular dr just go to the er.. it sounds like an infection more than anything else
Apr 05, 2008 in the Teen Health Community - 3
I agree. When I was a teen I had a friend who did the same exact thing.. there was nothing wrong with him either, he just found it more convenient not to have to walk to the bathroom. Noone reprimanded him for it and eventually he outgrew it. By the age of 18 or so he stopped doing it completely.
Apr 05, 2008 in the Teen Health Community - 1
not sure, but my suggestion to you that while it is still there you have it looked at by a GYN. they'll be able to tell you right away.. don't get embarrassed and put it off though.. they see all sorts of things. It's important to identify it before it becomes a major problem if it is a precursor to an std. I myself had an ingrown hair, and for...
Apr 05, 2008 in the Teen Health Community - 4
Tell you the truth what you say your symptoms are sounds more like a thyroid problem. look up hypothyroidism, or thyroid disorders,then talk with your family doctor about testing you.
Maybe it's from the infection I had a few weeks ago? even though I took the full course of antibiotics, and it went away could it be making a return? I've got this awful taste in my mouth.. at first I thought dry socket because I was having trouble the first day with getting the clot to stay, because little pieces kept coming out with the gauze, bu...
I had # 3 and 4 molars removed on thursday morning. everything went according to plan, but three days later I still can't talk or eat anything, and am even choking on water, because I can't touch my tongue to the top of my mouth because of the swelling and large hole, so needless to say my mouth is completely dry and I can't even open my lips ...