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Jan 24, 2013
"I'm 27 and had a hysteroctomy plus my ovaries removed August 29,2011 my Dr put me on estrogen patch but it seemed to not help with hot flashes and I seemed more depressed on it. I tried to go see my Dr about it,but I owed money so I cou..."
Jan 23, 2013
"Thank you ladies so much i have been pretty worried the baby is very healthy other then being small."
Jan 23, 2013
"Hi Ladies, The birthmother of my baby is suppose to be 32wks but on ultrasound 2 wks ago baby was measuring 3wks behind and the Dr said they were keep the due date of 3/20/13 so I was wondering if this means anything like that the baby i..."
Jan 16, 2013
"I'm having a baby by surrogate mother she is due April 14 and it's a little girl we are naming Riley Mae this mine and hubbys first child.."
Dec 05, 2012
"Thank you for commenting baby is fine and moving around a lot. We found out we are having a little girl"
Nov 09, 2012
"Hi ladies, I was wondering when you should be able to feel baby move because my sister in law which is mine and my husbands birthmother she is 18wks1d and she says that she hasn't felt baby move yet. So I was wonder when should she feel ..."
Oct 18, 2012
"I was wondering if its true you can tell the gender of the baby by heart rate my babies heart rate was 152 at 14wks 4d"
Oct 25, 2011
"Hello everyone, I have been dealing with depression for years now it started as a Teen and now i am 25 going though so much in my life i just had a hysteroctomy 2 months ago never have had children that i have wanted for a long time so m..."
Sep 21, 2011
"I am 25 and just had a fully hysteroctomy which sounds horrible but it is not as bad yes it is scary but if it will help you with your health in the long run it would be a good idea. I had pcos ,start of utrian cancer and found out after..."
Sep 21, 2011
"Hello ladies, I hate a full hystercotomy with ovaries and fallopian tubes removed August 29th so i am 3 weeks post op about 4am i was bleeding having with blood clots about dime size also the toilet had a lot in it. I am wondering if thi..."