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Apr 20, 2013
"Thanks I really appreciate the response. I'm cutting it completely starting Monday. I'm so nervous!"
Apr 20, 2013
"She told me to take 100mg per day for one week and then start taking two per day. Everything feels super jolt-y so I think I'm gonna just start taking one again. I don't know how to reach her outside of an appointment =\ I see her Frid..."
Apr 19, 2013
"I am taking welbutrin SR and just increased my dosage to 200mg about three days ago. (today is my fourth dose) I've noticed my muscles have a tremor/shaking issue...For instance when my wrist is in the relaxed position my hand is fin..."
Apr 18, 2013
"i have been tapering off of tramadol. I have only been on it for about two and a half months and took 200-300 mg per day. I dropped down pretty suddenly to only 100mg per day, One pill in morning and one at night. It has been that way fo..."
Apr 14, 2013
"Thanks to everyone for responding. I do need all the help I can get because none of my doctors seem to care about helping. Most of them are in denial about tramadol and don't see it as a big deal. They said yeah just taper it! But didn't..."
Apr 14, 2013
"Thanks for the response...Wow! You had such an intense journey with Tramadol and I feel miserable in my situation so I can't even imagine. I made the decision to reduce my dosage quicker and today officially started. Only one in the morn..."
Apr 12, 2013
"I finally went through the hell of getting off of Vicodin, now I'm stuck with Tramadol. I have not abused Tramadol like I did Vicodin, I have been taking it strictly for pain, twice daily. So total that's 200mg per day. I need to get o..."
Mar 24, 2013
"My stomach bloats up after everything and anything I eat- Even after a glass of water in the morning. Sometimes by the end or middle of the day, it looks like I'm 4-6 months pregnant. It makes my skin feel so tight and uncomfortable, and..."
Mar 09, 2013
"I saw a psychiatrist today and she is going to take me off of Effexor quicker than I expected, because she wants to put me on a new regimen she thinks will work best for my individual situation. She told me to take one and the next day..."
Mar 09, 2013
"PS I totally know what you mean about sleeping for 10 hours and not feeling rested in the least bit. It is very frustrating and is a major reason I'm always depressed. Feeling too tired to do the smallest things. It even causes me to los..."