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Jun 26, 2015
"Well said scottie24"
Apr 10, 2015
"if it is related to the thyroid, so often the labs show you are "within range" but you actually do have thyroid problem"
Apr 09, 2015
"It took me many months to get my hmg back to normal. During tx it went right down to 86 and stayed around there for the whole course. Hmg and everything else is back to normal now but it took much over a year for my neutrophils to get ..."
Mar 06, 2015
"I have sicca symptoms post eot 20 months that I never had before. In my case it was triggered by the treatment. It makes perfect sense that this has happened seeing as interferon ramps up the body's immune response."
Feb 27, 2015
"I was warned about having sx during tx. I don't remember being warned about having sx AFTER tx and did not expect them to still be around 18months later."
Dec 23, 2014
"Gender: F"
Dec 23, 2014
"Gender: Ht/Wt: 5'6" 53kg Genotype: 1b allele C/T VL at start: around 1.2m What Treatment: Telaprevir, ribavirin, interferon How Long: 24 weeks SVR or Relapse: SVR..."
Dec 16, 2014
"Hi Billy. I am 18months post triple tx (6months) with incivek. I had bad anaemia since week 4. My white blood count is still not back to normal. I still feel weak at times. I used to be really fit and healthy but now I tire easily and..."
Oct 14, 2014
"I had dry mouth during tx and still do. I am using "Oral7" I used to use Biotene till I read the label one day and noticed that they don't put the saliva enzymes in it anymore! Well, not here in NZ anyway. The saliva enzymes are what p..."
Sep 13, 2014
"Magnesium deficiency can cause the muscle twitching."