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Aug 15, 2009
"Hi, I found out that my left diaphragm is elevated which has caused some of my breathing problems. What caused this...??? No one knows and no one yet knows how to treat it or what to do next for it. I just seen a thoracic surgeon and ..."
Jul 26, 2009
"Hi, I'm a 25 yr. old male who was diagnosed with a paralyzed left diaphragm about one year ago. Before this I had my appendix removed and it was gangrene bad. About 5 years ago I was assaulted and suffered a fractured orbital bone and..."
Nov 30, 2008
"Thanks a lot for the help, i will have to try this!!!"
Nov 29, 2008
"Hi, Just asking for suggestions. I had appendectomy surgery 8 months ago and it was lodged behind my colon and gangrenous. Now, I am suffering with excessive farting, my stool is sometimes narrow and i seem to not be going as often as..."
Jul 14, 2008
"What is causing me to feel like I am suffocating sometimes? Last time it happened it was extremly muggy, but it seems like everyday is a battle for me to live right now. I am experiencing a weird feeling on my left side under my ribs and..."
Apr 11, 2008
"I am suffering from pain in my abdominal area, followed by gasy and burping excessively. Also I feel tightness in my temple region on my head on both sides. Also have a bump on the back of my head and am not sure if it's normal or like a..."
Apr 11, 2008
"Hey I appreciate all of your information provided. Yes, "jumped" I mean assaulted. I won't get into the whole situation but I suffered a fractured orbital and deviated septum here I needed surgery to repair the fracture. And yes, I am..."
Apr 10, 2008
"Hi I am concerned about my health. I am a 23 year old male that lives at home, i have a girlfriend whom my mom hates and havent hit my career path yet, enough to move out. Anyways, over the past few months I was starting to feel really..."