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Feb 09, 2009
"I had "esophageal motility" test done and a "impedence test done at the endosopy unit The Methodist Hospital in Houston. My Gastroenterologist, Grechen Urgan ordered it. She has a special interest and does all the research as well fo..."
Apr 14, 2008
"Addendum: This last time I was in the hospital for ? pneumonia, right lower lobe including "bronchiectasis" was the final diagnosis. Sent home from IV-Zitromax to PO. Infection has gone but the phlegm battle and chest irritation from..."
Apr 14, 2008
"Im 45 y.o. female. In 2004 I started allergies injections for a variety of household/outdoor allergens. Started Neils Rinse, Gentamycin solutions, nasonex, nexium, rx antihistamines only to be diagnosed with chronic sinusitis. 02/07 ..."