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Feb 01, 2013 in the Pain Management Community - 1
I have been on suboxone for months now. I can make a 8mg strip last for at least a wk by cutting them into strips. I have heard that detox from these are worse that getting off opiates. I have been in w/d forever and feel like the pain will never go away. I have some left over methadone from my pain management office and was considering going back onto metha...
Feb 01, 2013 in the Back & Neck Community - 2
I've been trying to use suboxone strips cut into strips of smaller than 1cm a day to help with w/d symptoms bc I heard it's harder to get off of them than opiates. I was wondering why after almost a month I am not feeling any better and still get RLS and insomnia. I am also rxd methadone that I haven't been taking since I got suboxone strips. ...
Feb 01, 2013 in the Addiction: Substance Abuse Community - 11
I have been trying to get off opiates for years after being rx'd them for bad MVA, I tried suboxone and would cut mine into tiny strips like kelbelle88, maybe even smaller than cm and w/d 's arent improving. I was wondering what would happen if I took 4mg of my methadone instead, since I've waited 12 hours since last strip,would I get worse w/...